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Don’t Make the Following Bathroom Design Mistakes

Bathroom Design

Designing a new executive bathroom isn’t that cheap. You must dig deep into your pocket. From installing that executive bathtub to bringing in that statement tile, designing a good bathroom requires a lot. That’s why you should be careful with how you design it. In particular, you should get everything right. Don’t make the following mistakes when designing a bathroom.

Too Big Fixtures

Avoid installing fixtures that are too big. Make sure that your bathtubs, vanities, and showers aren’t on the wrong scale. If you’re installing a freestanding tub, for instance, ensure that there’s sufficient space around it for cleaning.

If you want something bigger, consider installing a larger inset bath instead. A super large vanity unit on top of the shower can be extremely awkward to clean. For more stylishness, it’s always better to choose smaller vanity units. Choose the right bathroom furniture at Victoria Plum and make this space exciting. 

Bathroom Door Directly Facing The Toilet

Don’t let your bathroom door directly face the toilet. This isn’t stylish at all. Place the toilet door in a hidden location where it isn’t in full view when the bathroom door is opened. In fact, it’s better to make sure that your bathroom and toilet have separate doors.

Inadequate Storage

Don’t focus too much on the aesthetics. You also need to make sure that there’s enough storage space, remember. Eye-level storage is extremely important in a bathroom. Instead of having a mirror mounted on the wall, purchase a mirror cabinet fixed on the wall that features adequate storage for everyday essentials, including your makeup, toothbrush, and shaver.

Don’t Confine Your Storage Space to the Vanity

Avoid confining everything to your vanity units. Bathroom storage goes beyond vanity drawers and cupboards. Keeping all your bathroom essentials inside the vanity unit will make it look clunky and dominating. Consequently, your bathroom will end up looking small and crowded.

To keep your bathroom organized, consider introducing alternative storage spaces to your toiletries and bathing products. You may also want to try working some cabinetry into the floor plan. This will create additional space for storing larger items. Vertical wall-hung cabinets, in particular, are more stylish and functional.

Poor Lighting

Avoid installing downlights over your vanity units. This is one of the biggest mistakes you can ever make. Instead, you should put in a proper lighting design. Downlights can make your bathroom look too bright and devoid of ambiance. Moreover, the bright overhead lights create shadowing when one tries to look in the vanity mirror.

Installing layered lighting with numerous lighting sources can be an incredible option. Make sure that your lighting plan feature concealed lighting strips. They’re affordable, energy-efficient, and can be utilized for creating a low-key mood. Conduct your research before purchasing lighting for your bathroom.

The Bottom-Line

The bathroom is a special space in your house. It requires special attention. In particular, you need to bring new design ideas into your bathroom. However, simple mistakes can mess up the design. Avoid making the above mistakes when designing your new bathroom.

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