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Cool Accessories for Your New Gaming Laptop

Gaming Laptop

I have finally gotten my hands on a brand new gaming laptop. JW gaming PCs have gotten more powerful, newer, and exciting as time passes by. Gaming laptops are becoming the first choice for everyone from casual game heads to professional fantasy sports players. They provide a good mix of performance and portability. And, everything becomes better when putting together some unique accessories to get the best performance and put it to optimal use. We will be discussing such gadgets below.

1. Gaming Mouse

A pro gaming mouse can change the way you are playing. A laptop’s touch panel is not enough when you are a gamer. It would be best if you had the mouse’s firepower for better control. Trackpads of our laptops are not made for fast gaming scenarios. For split-second shootings, kills, etc., in games, a good gaming mouse should be invested in. A gaming mouse comes in two types: symmetrical and asymmetrical. Your options depend upon your price range. Extra buttons, DPI settings, and other features define a mouse. 

2. Noise Cancelling Headset

A laptop does have a speaker. But the inbuilt speakers are not qualified enough for a person who loves to enjoy music. So, subtle sounds in games can not be heard through those built-in speakers of yours. When you want to dive into a different gaming world, you should invest in a decent pair of noise-canceling headsets- speakers and mic.

It helps you to listen to enemies’ footsteps or sound of presence before they can spot you and kill you. You would need a headset with 7.1 sound support to know the precise location of your enemies as well as your teammates.

3. RGB Gaming Keyboard

Many laptops have fairly nice keyboards and might not require a boost with an external one. However, it may lack your preferred key travel distance or might not suit your taste somehow. Perhaps, a full keyboard design is best suited for your gaming needs, but laptops do not come equipped with that. This is a cry for a need for an external keyboard.

External keyboards are highly customizable, no matter which gaming laptop you are using. You can choose your preferred angle without tilting the laptop screen using an external keyboard. Stock keyboards are not always fancy enough for your taste, and external keyboards come in all fancy RGB variants where everything and every control can be color-coded.

Laptops heat up when you are playing heavy games on them. A game uses many components of laptop’s inside. And the more the graphics are smooth of a game, the heavier it will be, and even more, heat will be generated. All laptops have built-in fans to cool the system and keep it at an optimum temperature, but it is sometimes not enough for a regular gamer. Heat can do permanent damage to laptops’ important internal parts.

4. Cooling Pad

Desktops, on the other hand, have space between various components and enough water and air regulations all over. Laptops can quickly accumulate crazy hot hat generation. To solve this problem, you need a good cooling pad. There are cooling fans, cooling gels, and cooling pads available in the market as per your budget. The problem with overheating your laptop is that it can never be fully resolved because even after buying the best cooling pad or fan, if your internal components continue to heat up, you can’t fix that. A cooling pad setup also doubles up as a laptop stand, which is very convenient.

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5. Backpack

If you go out playing tournaments on your laptop or want to show it off to your friends or your business laptop and personal laptop is currently one – you will need appropriate means to transport your laptop. Laptops are fragile and sensitive gadgets prone to scratch, screen damage, and general physical damage.

A laptop is also known for its portability aspect so you must need to carry it somewhere someday. When buying a backpack for your gaming laptop, you must also check that it can accommodate your headsets, mice, cooling pad, keyboard, controllers, and other accessories. It should be padded to minimize damage.

5. Controllers

Multiplayer games call for a controller. Also, third-person shooter games, racing games, and FIFA are best enjoyed with a controller.

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