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Protect Your iPhone With These Nine Cases

Protect Your iPhone With These Nine Cases

There are some things we do for ourselves, and then there are some things we do for our devices. This is the case when we look for leather iphone case. You might go through hundreds of dollars to purchase the latest model, but if you don’t protect it from the elements and yourself, you may come to regret it.

You can find iPhone cases and covers at Apple stores, of course, but there are also a number of other places to pick up a quality case or cover. Protect your device with one of these nine top picks:

Leather case

Leather iPhone cases are great since they offer both protection and style. However, the leather can sometimes look worn over time and the phone’s color can seep through.

Otterbox offers two leather cases that prevent this from happening. The Defender Series Commuter Wallet and the Defender Series Leather Case are both made of leather, but they are very different in terms of protection for your phone.

For ultimate protection, you should choose the Defender Series Commuter Wallet case. This case is made of three pieces — a front cover, a backplate, and an inner silicone case that holds your phone in place — so there is no direct contact between your phone and the outer shell.

OtterBox Defender Series

This is one of the best-known iPhone cases. It comes in a number of different colors and sells for $49.95 on OtterBox’s site. The Defender has three layers: a silicone outer layer, a hard plastic shell, and a built-in screen protector. It also includes a belt clip holster that doubles as a stand and can be attached to most surfaces with the help of strong suction cups.

Apple iPhone X Silicone Case

The Apple iPhone X Silicone Case is made from soft silicone, with a textured finish for enhanced grip. It has a raised bezel to keep your screen from coming into contact with surfaces when you place the phone face down. The case also has button covers to help prevent accidental presses.

Simple PocketBook iPhone 6/6s Leather Case

The pocketbook case is simple and easy to use. It has a magnetic flap that keeps the cover closed and a magnetized strap on the backside that keeps the cover securely closed when not in use. This slim case not only protects your phone from scratches but also from drops because it has a raised bezel at the front of the case that surrounds your phone’s screen and protects it from cracking or breaking when dropped.

Tuxedo Cases

These cases go by a few different names, but originally they were called “tuxedo” cases because of their color scheme. The black top and bottom with the brown sides give this case a high-class look that’s distinct from other types of leather cases. This is a slim option, so it won’t add too much bulk to your device. It also doesn’t feature any buttons or openings, so it can be used with any device that uses a standard headphone jack.

An added bonus of these tuxedo cases is that they smell great. When you open the package, it will smell as if you just ordered an expensive steak dinner at your favorite restaurant. The smell comes from the natural oils in the leather being released into the air. After a few days, the smell will dissipate and leave behind just a hint of leather scent.

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