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Chrystal Gbaja-biamila Biography – Age, Early Life, Married Life, Net Worth And More

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Chrystal is come in the light because of his famous husband & former football player, Akbar Gbaja-biamila, who rose to prominence after their wedding. He was a former member of the National Football League. Presently, he is working as a host for a famous American sports show called ‘American Ninja Warriors.’ Also known as a sports analyst for NFL Network, the former player is now a former player.

In American society, Chrystal is very popular since her husband works in sports and entertainment.

Early life Of Chrystal Gbaja-biamila

Chrystal gbaja-biamila’s parents or personal details are unavailable, including birthdays, birthplaces, and parents. Most of Chrystal’s information has yet to be released to the media. She is, however, Akbar gbaja-biamila’s wife, and that is all we know about her. May 6, 1979, was the date of his birth. Los Angeles is his birthplace. 

Originally from Nigeria, Akbar’s parents immigrated to the United States. He grew up with six siblings. His high school years were spent at Crenshaw High School in South Los Angeles. After that, he graduated from San Diego University. Further, he received a high honors degree.

Married life Of Chrystal Gbaja-biamila

In a happy marriage, their children live happily with their parents. The lovely couple has four children, including two twins. Their names are Nasi and Naomi. One child is a son, Elijah, and one is a daughter, Saheedat.

Their love story began when they met at one of Akbar’s games. It was between the Carolina Panthers & the Oakland Raiders. Following the game, they introduced themselves to each other and became friends. After a few days, the couple started dating once they understood each other.

The end of 2004 was the beginning of their romantic relationship. Furthermore, they engaged in the same year. A year later, they tied the knot in 2005. The couple began a happy life together and are still together today, sharing the same love.

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Who Is Chrystal’s Husband?

Who Is Chrystal's Husband?

Chrystal’s husband Akbar played American football in the NFL. His real name is Akbar Oluwakemi-Idowu Gbaja-biamilla. He was born to Muslim parents. They both later decided they would convert to Christianity. He also works as an analyst for American Ninja Warrior. Currently, Akbar hosts the famous American show ‘American Ninja Warrior.’

He retired from the Raiders in 2008 and joined CBS Sports and MTN Network. Furthermore, he appeared in the 2015 short film ‘The Sac Fly.’

As one of the board members of the Asomugha Foundation, he won fan favorite on ABC’s adventure show Expedition Impossible in 2009.

Chrystal Gbaja-Biamila Net Worth:

Chrystal’s salary and net worth are only available due to her lack of information regarding her career. However, according to public records, her husband’s net worth is about $7 million. 

Akbar benefits from his good fortune and many jobs, including endorsement deals and contracts. Additionally, he works as a host and earns a good salary from this job.

As a result of Akbar’s popularity, he played with many wealthy players. According to Akbar’s wealth, he has the same amount as others.


Chrystal and Akbar live the glam life in Los Angeles with their better half.

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