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Choosing The Best Roku For You When Cord Cutting

Choosing The Best Roku For You When Cord Cutting

According to some estimates, more than 50 million Americans have made the decision to “cut the cord” and not rely on cable or satellite service for access to TV programs. If you’re in this group, you may appreciate Roku. It’s a way to gain access to a vast selection of TV-based content without being tied to a particular service provider.

With Roku you’re downloading video online via your internet provider connection and watching it on your TV. The content is watched as downloads that aren’t saved. Once the programs load onto your device, you’ll be able to pick and choose what you want to watch when you want to watch it. It’s kind of like on-demand, except you typically have to wait an extra day to access some content. However, this is a small inconvenience given the savings potential with enjoying TV this way. Some of the viewing options available with Roku include:

• Netflix, Dish TV, Amazon Instant Video, and Hulu TV
• HBO Go
• Disney
• NBA League Pass, NHL Game Center, and other sports-related selections
• YouTube, Vimeo, and several niche channels
• An assortment of news channels

There are six popular streaming devices available from Roku. We go over these options below so you can decide what the best Roku player is for you when cord cutting.

Roku Express

Do you prefer something more basic? If so, consider Roku Express. It has a simple remote, and it’s easy to get everything quickly set up. If you’re not a super-avid TV watcher, you should be happy with the 150,000-plus TV episodes and movies available with this device.

Price: Under $30

Roku Express Plus

You’ll get all the perks of Roku Express with this device “plus” a few extras. Some of these include access to popular streaming services like Netflix and Hulu TV. You’ll also get YouTube. If you have a standard TV and a “smart” upgrade isn’t desired or in the budget, you may like Roku Express Plus since it comes with an analog AV cable you can use to connect it.

Price: Under $40

Roku Ultra

Do bells and whistles appeal to you? If you answered “yes” just now, consider Roku Ultra. In addition to what was already mentioned, you’ll get added features that include:

• Hands-free voice search
• Dual-band Wi-Fi and quad-core connectivity to allow for seamless 4K and HDR playback
• A remote with a headphone jack
• JBL headphones

Price: Under $100

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Roku Ultra LT

With this Roku device you’ll have access to roughly half a million episodes and movies. However, it’s a bit more barebones than Roku Ultra, as the name implies. You won’t, for example, get Bluetooth compatibility. Also, instead of a standard USB port, you’ll get a MicroSD port. It’s still a worthwhile consideration, though, if you prefer some decent viewing perks for a lower price.

Price: Under $80

Roku Premiere

If higher-definition viewing is your thing, you’ll love Roku Premiere. This particular streaming player gives you convenient access to a massive amount of top-quality content from many of the popular streaming channels. The one drawback is that the remote has to be lined up with the player since it uses an infrared signal.

Price: Under $40

Roku Streaming Stick Plus

Roughly the size and shape of a flash drive, Roku Streaming Stick Plus easily connects to a USB port on your TV or a wall adapter. It’s also easy to take this player with you when you travel since it’s so light, small, and discreet. It’s a flashier upgrade from the original 2016 streaming stick that offers the following perks:

• Access to 4K HDR content
• Internal Wi-Fi
• An external wireless antenna that provides an exceptional wireless range

Price: Under $50

There’s really no “wrong” choice with these Roku products since they all have appealing features. The interfaces are a bit outdated, but they’re still easy to use. What’s ultimately best for you comes down to what’s good for your viewing needs, budget, and personal preferences. Also, there are no recurring fees with Roku. However, there may be a subscription fee with some of the selections available in the Roku Channel Store.

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