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How To Overcome The Challenges Of A Criminal Charge

Criminal Charge

The probability of a prison sentence, no job, and a ruined life leave you hopeless. Employers are skeptical about employing people with criminal records. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, 60% of people released from prison are jobless.

If you are facing a criminal charge, seek the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney. The attorney will investigate the case, file for a case dismissal, or negotiate the best plea deals with prosecutors. Read on to learn how to overcome the challenges of a criminal charge.

Seek Legal Support Immediately

Contact an attorney specializing in criminal law. The attorney will develop a strategy for overcoming the criminal charge. Tell your lawyer everything that happened; the more information they have, the better they will defend you.

An attorney will explain how the charges relate to the law and your plea bargain or legal settlement options. They’ll also advise on how to proceed if you go before a judge instead of accepting a plea deal. If evidence was gathered illegally, the lawyer would ensure it was thrown out.

Request Recommendation Letter

An arrest record affects your ability to get a job or housing. Ask your landlord, church leader, or former employer to write a letter about your capabilities and character. The recommendation letter will help you get a job. Also, look for community service opportunities; they will demonstrate your desire for self-improvement.

Tell The Truth

Honesty will make people trust that you are fixing whatever happened. Being honest with your landlords or employers prevents you from getting fired or evicted after they run a background check on you, which can worsen things.

Explain what happened in an email or letter that contains facts about the incident and doesn’t include emotional language. State the duration that has passed since the incident and explain your progress.

Treat People Respectfully

When you’re facing a criminal charge, don’t lose your temper, don’t lash out; keep your emotions in check and treat people respectfully. It avoids trouble and builds trust with those guiding you. For example, if the police stop you for a minor traffic violation, and you feel they’re unfair, remain calm and respectful, even if you disagree. They’re doing their job.

Know The Law

A criminal charge impacts your employability. For example, if you are charged with embezzlement and you are an accountant, it’s difficult for the employer to maintain their trust after learning about the charges.

Additionally, landlords can refuse a tenant with a criminal record if it’s ascertained they would be dangerous. For example, if the person requesting tenancy was involved in a burglary, the landlord has the right to refuse.

The federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) advises employers not to use blanket laws to deny employment to people with criminal records. It requests employers to consider whether the job involves public safety or if it directly relates to job duties and offenses.

Seek A Pardon

A pardon removes all legal consequences of a crime. You can ask for a conditional or unconditional pardon. You can apply for a conditional pardon while you are incarcerated. An unconditional pardon removes the legal consequences of your crime without conditions or requirements, and the rights of a person get restored. You can apply for a pardon through the Pardon Advisory Board.

You Can Overcome The Challenges That Come With A Criminal Charge

No matter the criminal charge you face, consider mitigating the charges. You can never win against a charge that has strong evidence against you. Instead, you can lessen the effects of a conviction by taking the proper steps, showing commitment to the legal process, and becoming knowledgeable about your options.

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