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How Difficult Is It To Build Your Dream Home?

Dream Home

Imagine you won the lottery and money was no object; you decide to buy a nice plot of land with a fantastic view and commission a master builder to construct the home of your dreams! With a large plot, you can build out rather than up, ranch-style and in this article, we outline the various aspects of a self-build to help you get a better understanding of what is involved.

Costing The Project

Prior to doing anything, you should cost the entire project and ensure that you have access to adequate funds. Your investment will increase in value over the years, so you are generating wealth for the future.

Land Acquisition

There are online platforms that advertise land for sale; of course, it must have planning permission and you need to have a few surveys done; hire a real estate lawyer and they will handle the title deeds and the legality. Take your time when looking for a suitable location; there’s a lot to consider and this could be the most important decision in your life.


There is professional drafting in Sydney and they are very good at what they do, providing a comprehensive service and they understand the process of lodging building plans, so your project will be a smooth experience and once you have the green light, a timeline can be set with the builder. A custom build starts with an idea, which is developed into a concept and with a draft expert, your set of plans lay out how the structure is put together.

Master Builder

You can’t afford to take any chances; search online for ‘master builders, Sydney’ and start browsing. Master indicates a high standard of work and with a company that has many luxury builds under its belt, you can rest assured your dream home will be perfect. A timeline is set and stage payments are agreed; you are kept informed and invited to inspect the site prior to stage payment. The contract would include late completion penalties, a builder with lots of resources is never going to be late on a project completion and barring a natural disaster, you can plan your housewarming with some confidence. Here are a few ideas for an outdoor kitchen, which should be included.

Teething Troubles

It happens with every build, the structure needs to settle and plaster cracks are nothing to be concerned about. The builder asks you to create a snag list and they would sort things out and you should have no issues after the property has settled. Click here for Australian government information on construction.

An established master builder would offer a comprehensive service, which would include land acquisition, legal and, of course, the build. A long warranty would be the norm with a top builder, which covers materials and labour; you and your family can enjoy many years of luxury living in your dream home.

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