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How Often Should You Bring Your Dog To The Vet?

Dog To The Vet

As the caring dog parent that you are, you want to ensure that your furry friend receives the care they need. In addition to diet and exercise, your pal needs veterinarian attention. Vet checks are integral to your dog’s health, as they provide them with vaccinations and other preventative care measures.

Depending on your dog’s age, breed, and state of health, the number of visits they’ll need will vary. For the average, healthy dog, one appointment every year is standard. However, if you live near ticks, additional visits are necessary to rule out certain diseases.

Although visiting the vet once a year is sufficient for the average, healthy dog, there are certainly exceptions to the rule. Your vet will have the best answer for how often your pup should get seen, but below, we discuss additional information on when to bring your dog to the vet. Continue reading for further information on caring for your best friend.

Healthy Dogs: Visit The Vet At Least Once A Year

If your dog is in good health, an annual checkup will do. Your vet will inform you if wellness visits are needed between yearly checkups.

Note: If your dog is pregnant, additional vet visits are necessary throughout trimesters and after giving birth. Research “veterinarian near me” to find vets that specialize in the care of dogs during pregnancy.

Search “veterinarian near me” To Locate Specialists

Specific care measures are required at different stages of your dog’s life. Here are some examples:

  • When your dog is between six to eight weeks old, they should receive their first vaccinations, necessary heartworm, flea, and tick medications, and their microchip.
  • Within the first six months of your pup’s life, you’ll want to take them in for consistent visits so they can receive the vaccinations they need, based on the timeline your vet recommends.
  • Consider scheduling frequent vet visits if your pup is showcasing concerning changes in behavior. Sometimes, senior dogs will showcase behavioral changes, including increased water intake, frequent urination, and weight loss. These can be signs of serious conditions, including heart disease and osteoarthritis. Head to your nearest animal hospital after searching “veterinarian near me” to address these urgent symptoms.
  • Additional vet visits are needed if your dog struggles with conditions like thyroid disease and diabetes; these conditions require additional visits. Look online under search queries like “veterinarian near me” to consider whether you’ll need pet insurance to cover the costs of treating your dog’s medical conditions.

For Serious Emergency Symptoms

While a visit once a year is standard, if your dog showcases emergency symptoms, including seizures, fast pulse/weak pulse, or difficulty standing, search “veterinarian near me” to locate a nearby emergency animal hospital and get help immediately.

Giving Love Back To Your Pup

Give love back to your pup by scheduling routine vet visits. If you need clarification on whether the standard once-a-year appointments are enough, contact your veterinarian, or search “veterinarian near me” to locate vet clinics that can establish a specific plan for your pup.

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