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A Breath of Fresh Air: How to Ensure Clean Indoor Air Quality

Breath Fresh Air Clean Indoor Air Quality 


Ensuring clean indoor air quality helps people to avoid allergy symptoms and respiratory issues. And those who are sensitive to indoor allergens must make enough effort to reduce the number of allergy-inducing elements like mold spores, particles, dust mites, smoke, pet dander, and all other air contaminants. In this article, you will get ideas about the tricks to ensure clean indoor air quality, especially in the winter when the air quality worsens as the allergens and respiratory triggers keep lurking around your house.  

Consequences of Poor Indoor Air Quality  

Indoor air quality gets worse in big cities due to extreme outdoor air pollution. There are some fatal consequences of poor indoor air quality as follows: 

  • Triggers respiratory symptoms. 
  • Causes uncomfortable indoor air to breathe.  
  • Increases energy bills. 
  • Causes the house owners to invest more money in changing air filters. 
  • Damages air filters quickly. 

The Ways to Ensure Clean Indoor Air Quality  

Though it’s not entirely possible to eliminate all air pollutants from your house, you can reduce a significant amount by following some easy tricks. Here are some practical ways to improve indoor air quality.  

Changing Air Filters On-time 

Be certain to change residential air filters if you have a forced air heating system. Air filters are the most effective equipment in a house that captures airborne particles. If you don’t change them frequently, the air pollutants will be recirculated toward your house instead of getting filtered. You can take help from a professional air filter supplier that will provide custom air filters for your home.  

Keeping the House Clean 

Another vital tip to remember to ensure the best indoor air quality is to keep the entire house clean. Excellent indoor hygiene significantly reduces the accumulation of air pollutants lurking in your home. Make sure you vacuum the carpet, wall mats, bed sheets, etc., once or twice a week. Regular cleaning is necessary when you have pets because pet dander attracts allergens.  

Using Air Purifier 

It is difficult to eliminate the microscopic particles from your house. Therefore, you should invest in air purifiers that will trap and remove the maximum number of contaminants by filtering them. Air purifiers will help you enjoy much fresher and cleaner air inside your house.  

Opening the Windows Often 

Let the fresh outdoor air in to purify your indoor air. Keeping the fresh airflow by opening the windows often is the cheapest way to improve air quality during winter. It’s essential to let oxygen in and dust mites of your house out and reduce the humidity level. You should keep your home well-ventilated.  

Drying out Damp 

When your house is full of heat and moisture, it attracts mold, dust mites, viruses, and bacteria. So, you must keep the door shut during the shower. To prevent steam, you should also cover your cooking pans and turn on the extractor fan in your kitchen room. You can control and prevent the humidity level by opening the kitchen windows as much as possible. 


Indoor air quality goes beyond our control when the winter months knock at the door due to inadequate flow of clean air from the outside. Therefore, the air contaminants get trapped inside our house and weaken the indoor air quality.  

These contaminants trigger mini health issues, including breathing difficulty, asthma, skin irritation, fatigue, headache, digestive problems, and many more. If changing or buying suitable air filters seems complicated, get help from a professional. Custom Filters Direct will provide residential air filters supplier to your house and install convenient air filters for your home whenever you need them. 

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