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BQE Core vs Moovila – Comparative Feature List 2022

BQE Core vs Moovila

The BQE Core software was introduced in 1995 and its goal was to provide accurate billing and time tracking solutions for engineers. It is now used in several industries to track expenses, manage time, streamline resource allocations, and capture receipts. The Moovila software can be used to assess resource capacity as well as stay ahead of any risks regarding projects with intelligent project control capabilities.  

The following BQE Core vs Moovila software analysis will help you determine which of the two is suitable for your firm.  

BQE Core 

Expense and Time Tracking  

To begin with, users are given smart timesheets that are already filled out and allow you to define unique date ranges so that you may keep track of your projects according to their own deadlines. You may send reminders and ask for updates if you want to make sure that everyone stays on target. 

With information like overheads or time off, you may record every hour of a project. Timecard integration into the BQE Core makes it simple to arrange issues like payrolls and the invoicing process. 

Even better, you may manually save time for any upcoming references by copying timesheets. This program has the advantage of being DCAA-compliant time-tracking software, preventing future legal disputes. 

Project Tracking Tools

The BQE Core program also includes a wide variety of project tracking capabilities. One excellent technique to monitor ongoing activities and make sure everything is proceeding as planned is to use your project monitor pulse. It is also very easy to link information like teams, timelines, and budgets to the projects you are watching. 

You can manage all the details pertaining to a project such as related tasks, costs, and also time. The technology also allows you the ability to compute overhead, GA, or fringe in real-time to produce precise billing information. 

The resource allocation process may be tracked using the project tracking tool. Employee job assignments can be done without disrupting the workload distribution. To keep them informed of their responsibilities, the resources are also automatically notified. 

Moovila Features

Resource Management  

The Moovila software can be used to scale resource capacity. It is a great option if you want a realistic view of availability, connecting all resource data from across your project portfolio, including active projects, CRM, agile work, team calendars, and project intake. 

It has dynamic budgeting tools that track and flag areas needing reconciliation so you can verify your plans and prevent over-allocation of resources. 

Intelligent Project Control  

The Moovila software integrates ‘RPAX’ (Robotic Project Assessment Index) that can be used to accurately measure the success of a project and ensure that there are no risks. It can be used to scan up to 20+ risk factors so you can discern which aspects of the project need improvement.  

Moreover, this system can also be used to adjust your workflows until the software greenlights for maximum success. With this system in place, you can rest assured that you will deliver successful products.

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BQE Core vs Moovila Differences


The Moovila software is a project manager with the capacity to score the workflows and help you eliminate any possible risks. It focuses on internal factors that can influence the pulse rate of a project. Meanwhile, BQE Core is more concerned with external factors such as time and resources that can impact the flow of your projects. Keep reading to find out the factors that make each platform stand out. Your financial and operational data plays an important role when it comes to generating insightful reports. Additionally, you can share the reports with your team to ensure that everyone is on the same page.  


The BQE Core software can be integrated with many APIs for free. You can use several apps like Dropbox, One Drive, and Google to ensure that you can import and manage your data. In fact, you can access the BQE Core Marketplace which features a wide range of partner apps so you can customize the platform according to your firm’s requirements.  

The Moovila software has a limited yet useful list of apps for integrations. For example, you can add Box, Jira, Excel, Teams, and a few others. 


There are some differences when it comes to the difference between customer support. The BQE Core provides 24/7 access to customer service representatives. Moreover, users are provided access to: 

  • Help Desk  
  • Chat 
  • FAQs/Forum 

On the other hand, the Moovila software does not have the option to get in touch with the team throughout the day. However, it does have: 

  • Email 
  • Phone Support 
  • Knowledge Base 


The BQE Core pricing is not provided by the official website. That being said, users can still request a customized quote which depends on the number of team members and the product requirements of your company. 

Moovila pricing is also customizable. To learn about the prices, you can get in touch with the sales team through the website and get a bespoke quote for your firm.  

BQE Core Reviews

The BQE Core reviews generate a lot of constructive opinions as it has given users the option to scale accurately across projects. It is also a customizable platform that gives users control over time, resource, and expense management.  

Moovila Reviews

On average, the Moovila reviews paint a positive picture of the software due to its ability to manage deadlines and resolve bugs on time. Customers also claim that it is helpful in standardizing the delivery process.  

Final Thoughts on BQE Core vs Moovila

Since the pricing is fully customizable, it can be difficult for users to pick one of these two. It goes without saying that BQE Core vs Moovila shares similarities like resource management from different angles as well as reporting systems. 

Nonetheless, the central difference between the two is the focal points of each software. The BQE Core software helps you track your resources across the globe, create dashboards, automate data entry, and generate reports.

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