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Top BoAt Airdopes Under 2000 That One Must Buy In 2023

BoAt Airdopes Under 2000

Wireless earbuds have become a big rage among audio accessories lovers. Due to its highly portable, comfortable, and stylish aspects, many people are moving towards wireless earbuds at a rapid pace. Hence, the Market is flooded with many brand offering wireless audio products at highly competitive rates. But, when it comes to quality, style, and comfortability, there are only a few brands that fulfill these parameters without leaving any stone unturned. After all, these are the essential attributes for consumers to use and flaunt without any inhibitions. Also, most wireless earbuds lovers look for affordable options, especially those under 2000 rupees. It is the hottest price segment in the market. Surprisingly, BoAt has nailed this segment with it’s range of airdopes that offer an essential amalgamation of quality, style, and comfort. Every pair of airdopes offered by the brand exudes a premium quotient.

Since BoAt is the most sought-after brand in this segment, let’s quickly find out the top BoAt airdopes under 2000 that are selling like hot cakes and one must buy them in 2023 before the launch of new ones from the brand.

Know The Best BoAt Airdopes Under 2000

Since BoAt has become the most wearable and stylish audio brand among youngsters, everyone wants to buy it’s airdopes and other audio accessories.  However, the most value-for-money price segment for the millennials is under 2K. Every college-going youngster wants to buy something that’s stylish and offers the best value for money. BoAt has a good line-up of amazing airdopes under this range that offers the best of both worlds.

We have shortlisted the 5 best airdopes under 2000 price range that anyone can buy without thinking twice.

Here Are The Best  BoAt Earbuds Under 2000

          BoAt Airdopes 411 ANC

It is boAt’s best-seller product under 2k. The best part of the product is that it comes with ANC, i.e. Auto Noise Cancellation, and truly wireless technology.

Product Specifications

–          In-ear TWS earbuds

–          10mm driver size

–          V5.2 Bluetooth version

–          300mAh case battery and 37mAh earbuds battery

–          45 mins charging time for earbuds, and 2 hours for the case

–          Offers over 17.5 hours on a single charge

–          Supports ASAP Charge technology that charges within 10 minutes

–          Over 25Db ANC

–          IPX4 water resistance rating

Design & Build

BoAt airdopes 411 ANC comes in a tiny stem shape and a matte finish. The in-ear design looks pretty unique and stylish. However, the charging case is little heavy but can easily be carried in a pocket. It also offers a very safe fit which is quite durable in nature.

However, it’s not recommended for someone who is into intensive workout sessions as it may fall easily. When it comes to water and sweat resistance, it truly resists both with it’s IPX4 rating.

The touch control given on the airdopes is quite seamless, stylish, and comfortable. One can easily monitor it via CTC. It comes in 3 color variants, including grey, black, and blue.


When it comes to connectivity, the airdopes come up with Bluetooth v5.2, USB Type C charging port, and a voice assistance feature. The voice assistance feature can easily be activated via CTC.

Battery & Charging

We all know that the major concern of consumers is the battery life and charging speed. Since we all run short of time and want something that offers the longest battery without running for a charger, BoAt truly fulfills your wish by offering a 300mAh battery right for the charging case and 37mAh for earbuds. It means that your earbuds can easily give you 1.5 hours to 2 hours of battery easily. Also, there are 5 hours of playback time without ANC and 4 hours with ANC.

In case you are always on the go and don’t have much time to charge then you can also use ASAP fast charging support that offers almost 60 minutes of playback time merely in 10 minutes of charge.

Sound & Call Quality

When it comes to sound quality, then it’s decent but nothing exceptional. The loudness and bass are a little lower than boat airdopes 413 ANC. However, looking at the price range it’s acceptable and nothing to complain about.

The best part is that to enhance the calling experience, it offers support of ENx technology that decreases the noise while making calls.


–          In-ear comfortable TWS design

–          Auto noise cancellation over 25Db

–          IWP tech equipped

–          USB Type-C port

–          Gives over 17.5 hours on a single charge

–          10mm driver


–          IPX4 version is dated

–          Loudness and bass are just average

It comes at a price point of Rs. 1699 on Flipkart.

2 boAt Airdopes 175

It is yet another impressive boat airdopes that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. It acts as a complete package for budget lovers who want quality, design, and style simultaneously.

Product Specifications

–          It comes with –an in-ear design

–          The battery is 400mAh for the case, and 40mAh for the earbuds each

–          It offers a playtime of over 8 hours and the case remains activated for over 18 hours at 60% volume

–          It comes with USB Type-C charging port

–          ENx tech mics

–          IPX4 water resistance rating

–          10mm driver size

–          V5.2 Bluetooth version

–          10-meter Bluetooth range

Design & Build

It comes with a very enticing design. The surface is kept flat and the lid round of the charging case. The finish is quite glossy and elegant. It also comes with a single LED battery indicator right on the front and a type-c charging port sits at the bottom. When it comes to the weight of the case, it’s pretty .light and pocket-friendly. One can carry it easily without facing any hassles.

The lid can easily be opened with a single hand without falling the earbuds on the floor. The magnetic power holds the earbuds in the charging case quite effectively. The CTC space is given on earbuds to manage functions with a soft touch.

It comes in 4 color options, including blue, white, black, and red. Since it has a secure fit, it doesn’t fall easily while working out. The best part is that one gets 4 extra ear tips.


BoAt airdopes 175 comes with Bluetooth v5.2 and Insta Wake N Pair to get connected instantly with other devices. If you are connecting with the paired devices then a connection is established the moment the lit opens.

The voice assistant also gets activated by merely touching CTC and it supports fast charging via a Type-C port.

Battery & Charging

BoAt makes a very tall claim of offering over 35 hours with a charging case at 60% volume. And while using earbuds it can offer over 8 hours of playback time. However, it manages to offer over 30 hours of playback time via it’s 400mAh battery for a case and 40mAh battery for earbuds. The earbuds give you a full charge in 45 minutes, however, the case takes 2 hours.

Sound & Call Quality

When it comes to bass and loudness, it doesn’t disappoint. It exudes balanced sound without compromising the sound quality a bit. Even for calling, the earbuds offer ENx with Quad mics to amplify the calling experience.


–          In-ear design

–          10mm driver

–          IWP tech-driven

–          ASAP charge support

–          Bluetooth v5.2

–          30 hours of playback time


–          IPX rating is pretty old

Currently, it costs around Rs.1699/- on Amazon.

3 boAt Airdopes 115

It is also a very impressive product that comes in a very stylish dual-tone design. The airdopes 115 comes in 4 vibrant colors, including white, red, blue, and black.

Product Specifications

–          In-ear wireless earbuds

–          13mm driver on both sides

–          Equipped with Bluetooth 5.2 version to offer instant connectivity.

–          The Bluetooth range is 10 meters.

–          Battery capacity for a case and earbuds are 300mAh and 35mAh for both earbuds respectively.

–          It comes with a beast mode

–          IPX4 water resistance rating

–          Offers a playtime of over 24 hours with a charging case volume of 60%/.


–          In-ear portable design

–          24 hours of playback time

–          ENx technology

–          Bluetooth version 5.2

–          ASAP charge support

–          13mm BoAt immersive sound

–          Beast mode


–          Battery indicator is missing

–          The IPX4 version is dated.

It is available currently at a price point of Rs.1599/- on Flipkart and is considered one of the best earbuds under 2000.

Design & Build

When it comes to boat airdopes 115 design, then it’s quite unique. It’s the case comes in a trapezoid circular shape and earbuds in stem shape. With a matte finish design, it looks very premium. The water and sweat resistant earbuds are also very portable, light, and secure. It can easily and comfortably fit into your ears while working out or running.


The airdopes come with Bluetooth version 5.2 with a 10m range and IWP technology for instant pairing with already paired devices. It also comes with a unique feature called the Beast Mode that’s designed for gaming. By activating it you will reach the low latency mode.

Battery & Charging

The airdopes 115 is equipped with a 300mAh battery for the case and a 35mAh battery capacity for both earbuds respectively. The earbuds get charged in 30 minutes and the case takes 1.5 hours. The total battery backup along with the case is 24 hours at 60% volume.

It also supports ASAP fast charging that offers over 180 minutes of playback time in merely 10 minutes of charge.

Sound & Call Quality

The airdopes come with a 13mm driver that helps to deliver incredible bass and loudness to users. At this particular price segment, it’s quite impressive to offer a 13mm driver and amazing sound quality. Moreover, the ENx technical feature enhances the calling experience tenfold.

Final Thoughts

So, if you are looking for the best boat airdopes under 2000, then you can easily pick any of the above-mentioned ones without giving it a second thought. They are the best AirPods under 2000 offering unmatched quality, design, and comfort.

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