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Know The Best BoAt Airdopes To Buy In 2023

BoAt Airdopes

The popularity of wireless earphones has greatly increased over time. As a result, several brands are concentrating on making high-quality earphones. Yet it is no surprise that when we think of earbuds, boAt is the first brand that comes to mind followed by many. The boAt wireless earphones, which come in a variety of pricing ranges and are packed with capabilities, are worth a shot.

Let’s face it, the majority of us rely on boAt for earbuds and audio output. BoAt is a regular player in this market, offering everything from traditional wired earbuds to the newest wireless Bluetooth Airdopes. The business has a sizable consumer base because of its inexpensive headphones. However, it’s quite difficult for customers to know which is the best boat airdopes as the brand has launched a wide range in the recent past.

Hence, we bring to you some of the best boat airdopes along with the boat airdopes comparison to make it easier for you to pick the right one as per your requirement without beating around the bush.

Are BoAt Airdopes Any good? 

Up till now, we have employed a variety of boAt Airdopes. We may conclude from our experience that the boAt Airdopes are great if you make the right choice.

It appears like boAt is pushing a growing number of Airdopes onto the market while putting less emphasis on quality. Because of this, certain boAt Airdopes are essentially just modified versions of earlier models.

You must therefore get the best boAt Airdopes, and we will assist you with doing the boat airdopes comparison below. After the comparison, you will clearly come to know which boat airdopes is best for you.

1.     BoAt Airdopes 413 ANC

For the price you’re paying, the Airdopes 413 ANC’s audio quality is excellent. The treble and vocals have sharp clarity. There is little to no distortion in the sound, and it is loud.

The boAt 413 ANC is an excellent choice for those who want stem-style TWS for greater comfort.

With ANC OFF and about 4.5 hours with ANC ON, these earphones can survive for about 5 hours on a single charge. The earphones are well-made but the case feels a little flimsy.

This TWS is not meant for gamers because there isn’t a specific gaming mode. The call clarity on boAt 413 is excellent when you’re inside. Although the quality of the outdoor call is adequate, the recipient will be able to hear some of the background noise.

Although this TWS is loaded with features, it is bothersome that touch controls cannot be used to alter tunes. One cannot continually take their smartphone out just to change the tunes, thus they should have provided this option.

Main features:

●      Bluetooth V5.2 (it has a 10 meter Range)

●      Stem-style In-Ear

●      Active Noise Cancellation 10 mm Driver

●      Dual Mic (one Mic Per Earbud)

●      5 hours of battery life, 20 hours with the case

●      320mAH in charging case and 37mAH battery per earbud

●      IPX4 certification (waterproof), Type-C connector, IWP technology

●      Quick charging, Voice Assistance, ENx Technology, and Touch controls

●      Weight with the case: 48 g


●      Excellent IPX4 call quality rating

●      Stable construction

●      Commodious stem-style layout

●      ANC is decent considering the price

●      Excellent sound quality

●      A rich and enjoyable bass

●      Reasonable battery life


●      No way to switch between music tracks

●      The case quality feels delicate

●      Not appropriate for intense gameplay

It costs Rs. 2499 on Amazon.

2  BoAt Airdopes 441

The boAt Airdopes 441 is a complete set that costs roughly 2,000, but there are primarily two reasons to purchase this TWS.

1.     If you want TWS earbuds in just one small size (Not stem-style).

2.     If you have a serious bass addiction, it should be your priority.

We discovered 441/good sound quality while listening to music. The bass is powerful and deep, leaning towards the heavy side.

The treble and voice have been rather well balanced by the firm as well. Overall, the sound quality is excellent.

The pair fits comfortably in the ears because of their compact size. However, if you happen to have tiny ears, the boAt 441 may cause ear pain during extended music listening sessions.

Notable Features

●      Dual mic (one mic per earbud)

●      In-Ear Style Bluetooth V5.0 (10m Range)

●      6 mm Driver 4-5 hours of battery life, 25 hours with the case;

●      43mAH battery per earbud

●      500mAH in charging case Touch controls,

●      Type-C port, IWP technology, IPX7 rating

●      1.5 hours of charging time

●      Weight with the case: 49 g


●      Design that is portable and comfy

●      excellent sound for the money

●      clear vocals and good bass

●      good battery life overall

●      decent earbud battery life

●      IPX7 splash and sweat resistant

●      Technology IWP


●      The call quality could have been better.

●      Not very comfortable for small ears.

3 BoAt Airdopes 170

For the price, the sound clarity is outstanding. Every single frequency is in harmony with others and does not interfere with one another. The vocals and bass are both enjoyable. The voices are still audible and clear even when you’re listening to music loudly. The trebles are similar and they don’t cause ear pain at loud volumes.

The Airdopes 170’s balanced bass will appeal to you. The quality of the sound is generally balanced and has just the appropriate amount of bass. It has substantial bass that is not overpowering. Therefore, if you enjoy loud bass, you won’t like the bass performance here. But this TWS is the one to choose if you enjoy the ideal balance of vocals, treble, and audio.

It’s a good option for gaming. When you tap on both earbuds, you will access the Beast mode. Excellent battery, especially when paired with the case. The battery life of the earbuds is about 5 hours, which is respectable, but with the case, you can acquire 40 hours of music listening, which is fantastic.

For calling, the Airdopes 170 are a good set of TWS. While the exterior call quality is acceptable, like any other TWS, the quality of the call indoors is very clear and audible.

Notable Features

●      Bluetooth V5.3 (it has a 10 metre Range),

●      Stem-style In-Ear

●      Quad Mic (Dual Mic Per Earbud)

●      13 mm Driver

●      A 40mAH battery in each earbud

●      470mAH total of 40 hours with the case, five hours on battery Beast Mode

●      IPX4 rating, ENx, Type-C port for fast charging,

●      Voice assistant, IWP, and touch controls

●      Weight: 40 g (with case), 4 g (per earbud).


●      Long-lasting battery

●      Open and transparent sound settings

●      Design that is portable and comfortable

●      Punchy treble and explicit voice

●      A bass with good balance

●      Water and perspiration resistance of IPX4

●      IWP Technology Excellent value for the money, Good for gaming


●      Intermediate for outside calls

●      Not suitable for fans of really loud bass

4   BoAt Airdopes 161

It is known for its value-for-money features at a very affordable price. It’s nothing short of a boon for heavy users who love to talk, listen to music for long hours, and watch videos. It comes with a battery life of over 17 hours with a lot of comfort. Moreover, its ASAP charge helps you to charge it within 10 minutes to enjoy the playback time of over 3 hours. Being sweat and water-resistant, it’s quite comfortable to use in any season. With a Bluetooth 5.1 version, it offers a stable connection with zero interruption.

Notable Features

•      It is embedded with a Mic

•      The Bluetooth 5.1 version keeps you connected

•      It comes with a 10 m wireless range

•      It comes with 10mm drivers

•      The ASAP charge charges it in just 10mins.

• It’s water and sweat resistant

•      PROS

•      Pretty sturdy, elegant, and performance-driven

•      Touch controls are impressive

•      Call quality is exceptional

•      CONS

•      It doesn’t display battery percentage which is quite a letdown.

The airdopes cost you around 1399 on Flipkart.

BoAt Airdopes 601

If budget is not a problem for you and you can easily pay the premium price then it’s the best boAt airdopes. It emits incredible sound quality and comes with nice packaging and design. The best part is that it comes with an Active noise-cancellation feature with a massive battery life of over 28 hours. Hence, one doesn’t need to run for a charger quickly.

Notable Features

•      It comes with the hybrid active noise cancelation of over 33dB

•      The ASAP charge powers it within 5 mins to give you 1 hour of playback time.

•      It comes with IWP technology

•      It’s water and sweat resistant

•      Bluetooth 5.0 gives seamless connectivity

•      It comes with a Mic

•      PROS

•      The battery life is simply amazing

•      The build quality is very premium

•      The audio quality is exceptional

•      CONS

•      The call quality is good but nothing exceptional

•      It comes at a price point of 3999/- and one can easily get it on Flipkart.

Final Thoughts

So, these are the 5 best boAt airdopes for calling, music, and watching videos. Each one of them comes with unique features to match everyone’s requirements. We have hand-picked the boAt airdopes with the latest version as well as the best-sellers to give you the best of both worlds. The decision is now up to you. However, you can pick any of them as all offer value-for-money features.

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