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Biography Of Monie Love – Nationality, Success Story, Personal Information

Monie Love

Monie Love is a popular British rapper, actress, and radio personality. She is known as Simone Gooden. With her performances, she has made a significant contribution to the music industry. Her amazing voice has wowed her audience for more than three decades. Thus, she has become a fantastic celebrity in hip-hop music as a result. Monie has also amassed a large net worth.

In addition to the money, Monie has also gained many fans who enjoy listening to her music. If you are one of her fans, you might enjoy reading this article. You will find all the details you need about this awesome British singer here. This article will tell you all you need to know about Monie’s life. Among other things, we will share details about her net worth, career, and personal life.

Personal history

Real name- Simone Gooden

Nickname- Love Monie

Date of birth- July 2, 1970

Age- 53 years

Birthplace- Battersea, London, UK

Sex- female

Profession- British rapper

Height- 175cm, 5ft 9in

Nationality- British

Eye color- black

Hair color- black 

Cancer- zodiac sign

Who is Monie Love?

Monie Love, a pioneering British rapper, etched her name in hip-hop history with her pioneering contributions to the genre. She is renowned for her clear voice, lyrical prowess, and unwavering commitment to shaping the rap landscape since her birth on July 2, 1970, in Battersea, London, United Kingdom.

Monie Love’s entry onto the music scene in the late ’80s was a transformative moment. Her debut album, “Down to Earth,” included the hit single “Monie in the Middle,” which catapulted her to international fame. As a leading member of the Native Tongues collective, her art emphasized positivity, social awareness, and empowerment, setting a precedent for female artists in rap.

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Monie’s Love Success Story

Monie Love radiates optimism as she celebrates her 53rd birthday. Born on July 2, 1970, in Battersea, London, United Kingdom, her age symbolizes a life rich in artistic achievement and cultural influence. As a pioneering British rapper, Monie Love’s journey has spanned decades and her age is a testament to her continued relevance. With each passing year, her impact on the hip-hop community and her role as a trailblazer continues to resonate, inspiring a new generation of artists and reminding us that creativity knows no bounds.

Latest News About Monie Love

Monie Love Height

Monie Love’s height reflects her lively presence and dynamic personality on stage. His performances are characterized by his energetic commitment and commanding presence. Her height and demeanor contributed to her stage presence as a rapper during rap’s formative years. While exact measurements may vary, her physical attributes contribute to her lasting influence as a pioneering British rapper. This demonstrates her ability to captivate audiences and leave an indelible mark on rap.

Monie Love Nationality

Monie Love proudly comes from England, making her a representative of British nationality. Her music, influenced by his British roots and the global rap scene, highlights the multicultural influences that shape his identity as an artist.

Monie Love’s impact as a British rapper resonates to this day. She serves as a source of inspiration for female artists and an emblem of creativity that knows no limits. Her career, built on curiosity and authenticity, demonstrates the power of embracing one’s roots.


As per reports, Monie Love enjoys a net worth of around 5 million USD. She is a brilliant singer who has made a lot of money throughout her singing and songwriting career. Let’s look at her net worth growth now.

As per the study, her net worth in 2023 is around 5 million USD. Let’s take a look at her previous year’s net worth.

2023- $5.0 Million

2022- $4.5 Million

2021- $4.0 Million

2020- $3.5 Million

2019- $3.2 Million

2018- $2.9 Million

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