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Best Wearable Branded Merch To Sell

Best Wearable Branded Merch To Sell

Offering wearable merch is a great way to get your brand out in the open, and noticed by plenty of people.
That being said, there are definitely some products that are better than others. For example, unless your target demographic are people who like to wear open-toe sandals, branded socks might not be as useful as perhaps a hat, or some gloves.

You want your brand loud and proud, not hidden away, which is why this piece has put together some of the best wearable branded merch you can sell to grab the customer’s attention. 

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T-shirts are straight to the point and simple. Also, everybody needs them, which is a good start. That being said, you have quite the competition on your hands when it comes to getting customers and clients to wear your t-shirt over literally any other shirt in the world, so you need to really put some thought into the design, style, branding and anything else you can think of to make someone go, “Yes, this is definitely the t-shirt I want to wear today”.
Sweatshirts are also a great option, but they can be more expensive to produce, so t-shirts can be an excellent way of gauging how popular different items of clothing such as sweatshirts and hoodies might be.


Hats are a great accessory and can be worn by anyone, which opens up the accessibility of your merch to anyone who would want it.
Businesses can choose from a bunch of different hat styles, which is another useful point, as you can choose a style that suits your brand and company the most. For example, if you are a surfing brand, you might opt for the more laid-back beanie, but if you are a truck loan company, custom trucker hats might just be the perfect merch accessory for your customers.

Hats are also customizable and can come in many different colors, patterns, and the like, so you can be sure to create something that is perfect for your company.


Now that the colder weather is on the way, thinking about season-specific merch can give you an edge that other companies do not have. While customers from other businesses will slowly start putting away their summer water bottles or beach towels to be forgotten until next year, you will have the limelight all year round. It is smart to use quality material for gloves, and go all out on a decent universal fit, so when people see the logo attached to some of the comfiest looking gloves they have ever seen, there will know where to head.  


A gilet is a very specific item of clothing that is brilliant for the colder weather, designed to keep your body and organs warm while giving your arms all the mobility they need. This can be a great merch option for those who run outdoor centers or are in the business of working outside, to keep their customers and clients snug.

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