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The Best Gaming Laptop Razer Blade 15 2018 H2 – All Details And Reviews

Best Gaming Laptop Razer Blade 15 2018 H2

The Razer Blade 15 2018 h2 is the best gaming laptop you can buy in 2022.

Its specs are the 8th generation Intel processor, a 144Hz display and Nvidia Max-Q graphics capabilities that range from GTX 1050 to GTX 1070, the gaming capabilities of this machine are undeniable.

The keyboard on this year’s model is also one of the best I’ve seen. And with its slim design measuring just over 0.7 inches, it won’t take up much space in my backpack or on the go! 

What Else Makes This Laptop Special:

If you’re looking for a powerful gaming laptop that has a sleek industrial design and great battery life, then you might be interested in the Razer Blade 15 2018 h2 laptop.

Razer Blade 15 2018 h2 Specs

Graphics Card

The Razer Blade 15 2018 h2 has an Nvidia GeForce GTX graphics card.

The Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 Max-Q graphics card is a good choice for gamers and school and college students who want to play games while studying.

It’s also a great choice for users on a tight budget, as the performance you get from this GPU is excellent value for money.

It will run on cheaper laptops with lower power requirements than its predecessor, making it a great deal as it packs similar performance without requiring any compromises in features or build quality.

CPU processing unit

The Razer Blade 15 2018 h2 has a 2.2GHz Intel Core i7-8750H (six-core, 9MB cache, up to 4.1GHz)

The Razer Blade 15 2018 h2 2018h2 has a 2.2 GHz Intel Core i7-8750H processor (hexa core, 9 MB cache, up to 4.1 GHz).

The difference in performance between the two processors is probably negligible and won’t be noticeable unless you’re doing more intensive work like video editing or heavy gaming.

The external SSD also supports RAID 0 and 1 configurations if you want them after you buy the laptop; regardless of which hard drive configuration, you choose when ordering through the Razer website.

it will always come with Windows 10 Pro pre-installed instead of Windows Home Edition like many other laptops do for some reason.

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Ssd Storage Of Razer Blade

The Razer Blade 15 2018 h2 2018 laptop has a 256GB PCIe SSD

Razer Blade is a series of gaming laptops with 256GB PCIe SSD, which is much faster than SATA SSD in terms of reading and write speed. The PCIe bus was designed to bypass the CPU and connect directly to the GPU, but can also be used with M.2 drives.

While SATA III 6Gb/s has been around since 2009, PCIe 4x and 8x have been around since 2011 and 2012, and offer up to 128Gb/s of bandwidth – much more than SATA III offers.

Although PCIe 4x offers enough bandwidth for most applications, there are still some that require even more bandwidth (such as video editing).

In these cases, you’ll want an NVMe drive like this if you want something reliable that won’t bog down your system because it’s too slow!

Weight Of Razer Blade 15 2018 h2

The Razer Blade 15 2018 h2 weighs 4.63 pounds (2.1 kg). Compared to other gaming laptops, this one is incredibly light; most weigh around 6 pounds or more.

It’s also lighter than most desktop computers, which typically weigh between 7 and 10 pounds—more than twice as much!

If you want something even lighter than your average laptop, some tablets weigh less than half of what the Razer Blade 15 2018 h2 weighs: about 2 pounds on average.

However, these devices don’t come with the same kind of performance or quality that you get from a gaming laptop like the Razer Blade 15 2018 h2 (or any other high-end device).

Battery Life Of This Gaming Laptop

Battery life is good but not great. It’s a gaming laptop, so you shouldn’t think it will last all day on a single charge. Keep in mind that the Blade 15 isn’t meant to be worn when you’re out and about – it’s meant to be used at home or in the office.

Battery life is pretty good for a gaming laptop; however, it’s not as long as some other gaming laptops we’ve tested recently (the Acer Predator Triton 500 and the MSI GS75 Stealth lasted over 6 hours).

But if you’re using this PC for work and play (and who isn’t?), then you’ll probably be happy with how long your Blade 15 lasts on a single charge—it can easily handle several hours of web browsing. need to reconnect.

Features And Design Of Razer Blade

The Razer Blade 15 2018 h2 looks like a gaming laptop, but it’s not. It has the right look with a black brushed aluminum exterior and glowing green snake logo but feels like a high-end ultrabook. 

It weighs a solitary 4.7 pounds (2.1 kg) for a desktop standby laptop through such powerful specs. And at 0.79 inches (2 cm) thick, the Razer Blade 15 2018 h2 2018 is noticeably thinner than most gaming laptops today – but still manages to pack an excellent keyboard and touchpad that can hold its own against other machines in its class.

The screen of this new Razer Blade 15 Advanced model is beautiful: a 15-inch matte IPS display with a refresh rate of 144 Hz and a resolution of 4K (3200 x 1800 pixels). That’s enough resolution for even the most demanding gamers who want extra pixels without sacrificing fluidity or detail when playing their favorite titles at Ultra settings or higher resolutions like 1080p or 1440p.

Heat And Noise In Razer Blade

The dual-fan cooling system is loud, but it’s also efficient. The Razer Blade 15 2018 h2 heats up during use and can be uncomfortable to handle after an hour or two of gaming. It’s not a laptop you’d want to carry around all day—it’s heavy, it’s hot, and it doesn’t have any USB-C ports for charging or data transfer (just one USB-A port). This makes the Blade 15 better suited for sitting on a desk at home than traveling.

The Razer Blade 15 2018 h2 has some positives: its 4K display looks amazing; it has fast CPU performance and its graphics card can run VR games smoothly at high settings. Still, if you’re looking for an ultraportable gaming laptop that doesn’t come with these caveats, there are plenty of other options — including last year’s model — that offer a lot more for less money than this year’s version. Visit this link –

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Cons And Pros Of This Gaming Laptop


• Battery life isn’t great and heat and noise are an issue when gaming. Software is also a problem. Compared to other laptops in this price range, ports are lacking.


• The notebook is exceptionally fast and easily among the fastest on the market right now. The processor can also be overclocked for even more performance if you want to push it further.

Razer Blade 15 2018 h2 Laptop Review

The Razer Blade 15 2018 h2 is a pure gaming laptop for gaming, school, and all the other things you do in your life. It has completely the features you want to play games:

• The superlative graphics card on the marketplace (NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060)

• Great cooling system

• Excellent keyboard and touchpad that are comfortable to use while playing games

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Razer Blade 15 2018 h2 Laptop

Q. Is the Razer Blade 15 2018 h2 laptop worth it?

– The Razer Blade 15 2018 h2 is a great laptop for college students and gamers alike. It’s powerful enough to handle most games, yet light enough to take anywhere. You’ll find the keyboard comfortable and responsive, making typing easy and fun.

Q. Is the Razer Blade 15 2018 h2 suitable for school and gaming?

-The Razer Blade 15 2018 h2 is a great laptop for school and gaming. It’s not just good for gaming! It’s also great for studying and working on assignments, especially if you need to take notes or write an essay.

Q. Is the Razer Blade 15 2018 h2 good for uni?

– Razer Blade 15 2018 h2 is a good laptop for college students. It has a good screen and battery life is a good size and weight to carry around campus and is also affordable.

The biggest downside to owning this laptop is that you will need to upgrade your RAM to use it for gaming purposes.

Q. Does Razer Make Good Laptops?

– I honestly think Razer Blade makes good laptops. The company has been around for a long time and has made a name for itself as a brand that produces quality products.

They also have pretty good customer service, so if you have any issues with one of their laptops, they should be able to help.

Q. Is The Razer Blade 15 2018 h2 2018 worth it?

– The Razer Blade 15 2018 h2 2018 is an attractive laptop that is guaranteed to impress. Featuring a sleek black body with geometric slashes of red, its design has been praised by many reviewers.

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