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Best Adventure: Day Outing In Ramanagara

Adventure Day


Situated just 50 km away from Bangalore, Ramangara is one of the best trekking and adventure spots in Karnataka. It is also the place of the famous Ramagiri hills where the evergreen movie Sholay was shot and thus this hill got its nickname “Sholay Hills’ ‘. What makes its hills even more important are the beautiful temples at the peak of each mountain. Popular for its sericulture, Ramanagra is also nicknamed the Silk Town and Silk City. It is the largest market for silk cocoons in Asia with almost 50 tonnes of cocoons arriving a day in the town. With amazing treks offering even more amazing sights to behold this place should be on every person’s checklist. The series of mountains like Ramgiri, SRS betta, Kakasura betta, and Kapotagiri feel like heaven to climbers and can also serve as your picnic spot to make your vacation even more memorable. Since it is located on green hills covered with green grass the atmosphere is quite peaceful yet exciting. Tall granite hills with some serving as unique bird habitats attract a lot of visitors making it a popular weekend getaway for the people in Bangalore. Also famous for its Ramdevarabetta Vulture Sanctuary, one can spot critically endangered vultures in Ramanagaram. A beautiful place with even more beautiful landscapes and exotic hills, nothing can be a better vacation spot than this location to spend quality time.  The land of Rock climbers – Ramanagara is a treasure and you should not leave the best treasure-hunting experience wondering whether to go or not when others out there are enjoying the best of their times. So here is a guide for your day out at Ramanagara.


If you are tired of your daily routine and are looking for a break, a day out in Ramanagara is the best break you can have. If you are a nature lover you will definitely want to try it. With a plethora of activities and beautiful fresh air and flora amidst the forest (even better if you have a group of enthusiastic friends) a day out at Ramanagara means a continuous adrenaline rush.



 A moderate trek is almost 4-5 km long with an altitude of 2451 ft and takes no more than 12 hours to cover. If you are a beginner, definitely a beautiful trek for you that offers a wonderful view of the surrounding mountains after reaching the peak. The panoramic view of the scenic landscape once you reach the peak is enough to leave you spellbound and enchanted. Even better if you are able to witness the sunset at its peak it will definitely become one of the most memorable sunsets of your life. And if you are doing a night trek it becomes even more adventurous along with the advantage of you waking up to one of the best sunrises of your lifetime.


Although people doing trekking usually go for rappelling and indulge in water sports like kayaking around the nearby lake, if you are interested in enhancing the thrilling experience and increasing your adrenaline rush you can try your hands on the challenging ride this trek offers. Beginning in and around the hill areas of Ramanagara on a steep mountain overlooking the abundant village and forest region, the bike tour facilities in Ramanagar offer exceptional routes for any rider. Even if you get tired from all the cycling and stuff you can still enjoy rappelling followed by a kayaking experience on the lake.

STAR GAZING ( if you are doing a night trek)

Do you want to open your eyes to witness one of the most beautiful sunsets of your lifetime? If yes, then go for a night trek. So that after the strenuous ascent, you can lie on a grassy hilltop, in pitch darkness and just stare into the night sky studded with a million stars twinkling like diamonds and can secretly pray after spotting a shooting star. It is indeed a magical cum breathtaking experience.


An activity made for adventure buffs, Rock Climbing in Ramanagara is ideal for beginners or those looking for a short climb. There are two types available for visitors i.e. bouldering and pitch climbing. Bouldering is for beginners and pitch climbing is for experienced ones as it involves rocks more than 30 meters in height. Although the difficulty level is moderate, precautions should be taken seriously and visitors should avoid traveling there in the months of July to October as during monsoon because of the rain rocks get slippery making the climb a risky activity.


One of the largest cocoon markets in Asia, the Ramanagara Silk Cocoon Market is located 40 km away from Bangalore towards Mysore. With an average of 40,000 to 50,000 kg of cocoons being sold every day it is a major commercial center for the silk industries. One of the most revered tourist places in Ramanagara that sprawl over 2 acres, everyone should explore the uniqueness of this wholesome place once. Don’t forget the options you will get for shopping here.


Being a part of the Ramadevara Betta Vulture Sanctuary which is home to various endangered species of birds like the Long-billed vulture, Egyptian vulture, and yellow-throated bulbul Ramanagara hills make the perfect short trek for birdwatching. A look through the binoculars on a far-off rock and you will have your heart full of beautiful sightings of these tiny but beautiful creatures. Out of the nine species found in India, three can be spotted here making the hills alive through their singing. The hills generously display diverse wildlife and this relatively small but protected area appears to be a heaven for life forms.


The mesmerizing hills of Ramanagara and a fun session of rappelling. A thrilling rappelling session is one of the most sought-after experiences during this trek.  Huge mountains, granites, and boulders nothing other than these can make such a perfect spot for rappelling.


Tents, teams, and fun activities don’t sound more interesting than regular corporate life. But it should be kept in mind that in India the forest department does not really give you permission to find a good public camping ground so it is better to go with the private adventure camps that organize camping activities at some charge. But it doesn’t

mean you can’t explore and camp in the area on your own, it’s just that you will have to be extra careful about your safety and others.  


 Situated on the Bangalore-Mysore highway 4 km from Ramanagara the Janapada Loka also called the Folk World or Folk Culture is a folk museum that has an exclusive display of the village folk arts of Karnataka. First established on 21 March 1979 this museum has a collection of 5,000 folk artifacts. Its display includes an array of agriculture hunting and fishing implements, weapons, ingenious household adgetsmasks, dolls, and shadow puppets. An open-air museum, it’s a soulful place for music lovers and artistic people. The entry fee is also affordable i.e. INR 10 for adults and INR 5 for a child.


Water bottle

 You do not want yourself thirsty in the middle of rocks looking for a source of water when others are reaching their destination. If you really want to avoid a situation like this it is advised to carry a bottle of water.


 Although the weather is mostly moderate, it is better to be well prepared and put a cap on your head to avoid sun rays directly scorching your head.

Extra clothes

An extra pair of clothes is advised for any day out especially if that day out is adventurous involving activities like trekking, rappelling, and rock climbing. 


 What is the point of doing an adventure day out at Ramanagara if you don’t get any beautiful shots clicked? Pose amidst the Sholay hills and record a video while recreating the iconic Gabbar Scene with everyone’s favorite dialogue “ Kitne Aadmi The.” But for that camera is a must and that’s why while packing your backpack don’t you dare forget it.

Sport shoes

 Good trekking requires good shoes that can provide you a firm grip on the surface and prevent you from slipping, falling, and injuring yourself. Carrying sports shoes will also

boost your self-confidence because believe it or not only for once but we all think of ourselves as Olympic gold medalists after wearing sports shoes.


 Shoes are good for trekking and rappelling but comfort matters. You will definitely not want to sit around a bonfire in sport’s shoes and that’s why if you are thinking of including your slippers in your packing list you should go for the idea. You will definitely not regret it.

So if you have read the full article you must have decided to give it a shot to Ramanagara and go for a visit or should I say an adventure day out. 

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