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Why will adventure travel be on boom in 2023?

You would agree; traveling never stops, right? Though, for over a year and a half, all the globetrotters had to put a brake on their to-do list. But, not anymore! In the current year, the coronavirus is losing its grip, and with rigorous vaccination across the globe, traveling has resumed.  

However, the travel trends post-pandemic have a new wind. According to a recent World Travel & Tourism Council report, 2022 is estimated to be a more popular year for trips, traveling, and adventures. Compared to 2020, only the United States tourism bloomed 35.6% this year, and it is expected to grow more by 28.4% in 2022.  

That said, both domestic and international travel can double up in the coming months. This piece will overview why adventure travel will boom in 2022. Stay tuned! 

Say Hello to Adventure Travel 

In the most simple context, adventure travel is that niche of tourism that allows the traveler to experience a thrilling endeavor. Adventure travel pushes a traveler to do something courageous (even a simple-looking walking tour to a tough spot is one of the adventure activities) – mostly activities that they don’t participate in and are not accessible locally.  

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Going on an adventure means exploring remote locations, discovering the wilderness, and fetching out the most from exotic destinations. Traveling to these out-of-the-comfort-zone destinations involves physical motions and establishing a deeper connection with nature.  

Besides the physical vulnerability, this niche tourism comprises a certain degree of actual or perceived risk. For a few adventure activities, you might require special skills and physical exertion, too. Thanks to field tested survival subscription box that makes outdoor adventures easy. You can also get the right accessories to supplement your adventure travel with the essentials like survival tools, camp equipment to hiking essentials, roof top tent

No wonder adventure travel is an excellent way of connecting with the destination physically! Before we move forward, have a quick look at the list of the most popular adventure travel activities: 

  • Ziplining 
  • River rafting 
  • Kayaking 
  • Rock climbing 
  • Bungee jumping 
  • Hiking 
  • Mountain biking 
  • Skiing or snowboarding 
  • Parasailing 
  • Paragliding 
  • Snorkeling 
  • Scuba diving 
  • Skydiving  

Why Will Adventure Travel Boom in 2022? 

Slowly but surely, the travel industry is recovering from the COVID-19 crisis. With more and more countries continuing to lose their travel restrictions, there is a hefty possibility of receiving traffic on tour operators’ desks. More and more travelers are showing interest in traveling, have unique demands, and are moving towards pre-bookings.  

Precisely, the adventure travel niche is likely to see more response than other tourism sectors for two reasons: 

One, because the governments of major nations shut down sports and related activities for locals and travelers. Because of this, many individuals felt self-isolated, helpless, frustrated, driven away from nature, and inactive.  

Two, travelers have realized that performing adventures during a trip is not beneficial to their physique but also mental health. The satisfaction of finally doing the adventure, the feeling of conquering the fear, and the thrill that lasts forever of doing something exciting heals both body and mind.  

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The Arival’s Today’s Tour Taker September 2021 report shows a significant increase in the number of travelers doing adventure activities between 2019 and 2021. The report also concludes a whopping jump from 8% in 2019 to 18% in 2021 in the adventure tourism sector. The researchers state that although the number of trips and travelers is less compared to 2019, those traveling are enrolling their maximum hours in adventure activities.  

According to Yahoo’s article, an allied research report confirms a surreal revenue of $112 billion in adventure tourism in 2020, despite the ongoing COVID-19 rage. Further comes the unbelievable part. The research analysis company estimates this revenue to rise to a mountainous $1,169 billion by 2028! This data proves the adventure travel boom in 2022 and the following years. 

Worth mentioning, these insights will prove to be no less than blessings for adventure tourism businesses in the forthcoming years.  

Travelers Will Crave for Outdoor Adventures 

Travelers have discerned that adventure tourism is the best because it is fun, exciting, and budget-friendly. The travel experts predict that adventure activities will surge in demand among travelers for two reasons: 

After the vaccine rollout globally, people preferred outdoor experiences. That’s why they are flying to foreign soil, exploring offbeat destinations, and traveling solo.  

Secondly, travelers find happiness and satisfaction in pursuing adventures during the trip. They know that the feeling of a thrill is a must for their physical and emotional well-being.  

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Moreover, countries like Morocco, Germany, Costa Rica, India, and New Zealand offer lucrative adventure activities affordable. Travel agencies are busy curating couple-centric adventure itineraries, implementing adventure booking software, and beating the drum loud on social media about the adventure trip packages.  

That’s why travelers will crave more and more adventure activities on their trips, no matter how challenging it might be.  

The Final Thoughts 

Based on the current facts and predicted figures for the future, it is clear that adventure tourism is prone to boom in 2022. Over the planned itinerary and luxurious escape, travelers are now actually thinking about adventurous vacations. If you are planning to start a business in this niche, voila, it’s the perfect time for you to kick-start your journey.  

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