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What Is PCNOK – What Are The Benefits Of Using PCNOK?


What is PCNOK?

Every business needs technology to improve and expand its networks. Now this network has expanded and reached heights during the pandemic period. In the modern era, medical science is currently the most emphasized zone of network services, which is called PCNOK (patient care Networking). It is a health science technology network in digital ways to access patients. It improves patient care and rehabilitation and grows in daily surveys.

PCNOK plays an important role in digital health and considers it a vital solution to support chronically ill patients. It provides rehabilitation services to patients in all directions and health counseling. With this technical solution, doctors manage the problems of aging patients. During the pandemic, when people distance themselves from society, their conditions worsen. Therefore, they want online solutions or services for health-related problems.

PCNOK’s Mission

The mission of PCNOK is to provide coordinated and quality patient care using information technology and shared resources.

The network works together to progress the quality of patient care by sharing best practices, collaborating on research projects, and providing that training for providers. Partnerships between members enable the sharing of resources and expertise.

For example, members can collaborate on studies that seek to improve the quality of patient care.

This collaboration enables better coordination of services and better patient outcomes. Members of the Oklahoma Patient Care Network also work together to train new healthcare providers.

This training provides new doctors with the knowledge they need to provide high-quality patient care. Additionally, the training helps ensure that patients receive the same level of service from their physician regardless of where they live in Oklahoma. By working together, members can improve the quality of patient care in Oklahoma’s 77 counties.

How Does The Network Work?

The Patient Care Network provides access to quality healthcare, helps doctors see more patients, and helps patients keep costs down. Through the network, Oklahoma physicians can save time by accessing comprehensive patient info in one place. This allows doctors to spend more time with each patient and focus on providing the best possible care.

Patients can also benefit from having access to more doctors and better care. Through the network, Oklahomans can find the doctor that’s right for them and avoid long wait times. In addition, patients can be sure that their medical expenses are taken care of when they are out of town or unable to see a doctor.

What Are The Benefits Of Using PCNOK?

Benefits Of Using PCNOK

Patients can use its services to:

1. Find a health care provider. Offers a searchable database of health care providers throughout Oklahoma. Patients can narrow their search by location, specialty, or type of service.

2. Check the health of a loved one. They provide access to health info for patients and their relatives.

3. Learn about health resources in your community, as they provide access to education and resources on topics such as exercise and healthy eating.

The Main Focus of PCNOK

PCNOK is a company that creates an investigative program, mediation, and care coordination data. The Patient Care Network of Oklahoma follows and complements numerous types of foundational association models and includes several types of awards.

Access for Everyone

Patients with private coverage, self-care, Medicaid, or Medicare are recognized as members of the Patient Care Network of Oklahoma. Furthermore, as part of the 200 percent impoverishment, they provide discounts to patients who pay in cash. Once employment and the patient’s situation are confirmed, anyone can get this offer.

Innovation and Solutions

Each member of the Patient Care Network of Oklahoma is working as a team to create more new advancements in care delivery, which includes mental health, health coaches, telemedicine, and care teams, among others. They work to progress many aspects of healthcare.

Wide Range Of Prevention And Primary Care

Patient Care Network of Oklahoma provided comprehensive medical care and preventive care management in 63 urban and rural locations. They also receive many mental health offers in vision, dental and mental health.

Impact of PCNOK

Impact of PCNOK

PCNOK has served patients in 77 counties in the state of Oklahoma since 2014. It works to make the best healthcare services available and accessible to all. One of the most important things to remember is that all the staff work hard and help patients better than any other similar organization.

PCNOK is an amalgamation of Oklahoma Community Health Centers and Community Behavioral Health Organizations. Members include 19 of the 22 health centers serving Oklahoma, the Certified Community Behavioral Health Center, and the Comprehensive Community Addiction Recovery Center.

Acting as a clinically integrated network, PCNOK works to advance the triple aim of healthcare reform towards better care, healthier people, and smarter spending. The organization also promotes mutual contractual interests, such as group purchasing on behalf of members.

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Various PCNOK Realities

  • PCNOK’s major businesses include medical clinics, doctors, and centers with a total revenue of $1.1 million.
  • PCNOK’s share and income growth are very low compared to other organizations.
  • Leadership occurs when people use community partnerships, social determinants of health, and integrative principles to help people achieve their best health and well-being.

Facts about PCNOK

  • PCNOK’s top industries include Hospitals, Doctors, and Clinics with a total revenue of $1.1 million.
  • Patient Care Network of Oklahoma’s market share and revenue growth is very low compared to other organizations.
  • Has only 25 staff with a very slow growth rate.

PCNOK Member Organizations

  • Family Medical Center of Oklahoma Inc.
  • Community Health Connection Inc.
  • Panhandle Health and Counseling Center.
  • Community Health Centers Inc.
  • Caring Hands Healthcare Centers Inc.
  • Shortgrass Community Health Center Inc.
  • Northeast Oklahoma Community Health Center.
  • Arkansas Verdigris Valley Medical Centers
  • East Central Oklahoma Family Health Center.
  • Pushmataha Family Medical Center, Inc.
  • Stigler Wellness and Health Center, Inc.
  • Great Salt Plains Medical Center.
  • Kiamichi Family Medical Center Inc.
  • Morton Comprehensive Health Services Inc.
  • Lawton Community Health Center.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is The Total Income of PCNOK?

In 2022, the network generated $1.1 million in income. Most of its income comes from patient care services, with other income coming from pharmaceuticals, equipment rentals, and donations.

Q. Where is PCNOK Headquarters?

PCNOK headquarters is located in Oklahoma City.

Q. How Many Employees Does The Patient Care Network Of Oklahoma Have?

The Patient Care Network of Oklahoma has a whole of 107 employees. The average duration of an employee is 2.4 years.

Q. What Health Insurance Do They Accept?

Patient Care Network of Oklahoma accepts utmost major health insurance companies –Medicaid, Medicare, private insurance, and self-pay patients.

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