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How to Become a Fully Certified Teacher in Florida?

Fully Certified Teacher

Florida has one of the largest schooling systems in the United States. With over 4,600 schools across 65 districts, there is an immense opportunity for Florida teachers to start and level up their careers. The experts and stats indicate that there will be a substantial increase in Florida’s educational sector, which is great news for Florida’s future teachers.

But just like any other State, there are specific requirements an individual has to fulfill before they can pursue their dream of being a teacher. After training and other certifications, the candidate can start accepting teaching jobs across Florida. 

Let’s take a look at how someone can become a teacher in Florida step by step: 

Get the Required Education

The bare minimum requirement to become a teacher in Florida is to get at least a Bachelor’s degree and specialization. A degree in education is a significant plus to help you land your dream teaching job. 

A degree in education will help you develop classroom management tactics that motivate students to study. With the suitable courses, you’ll get the required knowledge and skills needed to set up an engaging classroom. 

Here are a few things that you need to keep in mind: 

  • You should have a Bachelor’s degree from a reputable and government-recognized institute
  • You need to complete adequate specialization in your subject of expertise. 
  • Qualifications and requirements may vary according to the level of the classroom. For instance, teaching young children at a play school level will require less education as opposed to teaching high school students. 

If someone earns a Bachelor’s degree in a non-educational discipline but wants to pursue a career in teaching, they can get a Master’s degree in education. It will help craft adequate classroom strategies for the best classroom atmosphere. 

It is not mandatory to get an education degree to start teaching in Florida. However, it gives you a major boost in landing great teaching jobs. Most Florida teachers have an education degree since it accelerates their chances of success. 

Become a Certified Teacher 

Getting FTCE Certificate 

There are three different requirements and sections to become a teacher in Florida. First, you need to pass the Florida Teacher Certificate Examination (FTCE) to start teaching. 

This certificate is necessary to teach in Florida. The exam judges your reading, writing, and speaking using different testing methods. 

Completing the CG-10 Application

The candidate will then complete the basic CG-10 application. It is necessary to complete this form before you get a certification. In this application, you will fill information such as: 

  • Educational background 
  • Overall work experience 
  • Personal information 

The application will require the candidate to pay an upfront fee to complete the process. Usually, it costs around $75, which is non-refundable. You can either pay with a pay order or money order. 

Fulfilling the Legal Requirements 

The application will also require you to submit a transcript as proof of prior work experience and education completion. The candidates will also have to submit their fingerprints to perform a background check along with the transcripts. 

When candidates pass all the requirements and get a certificate, they can start seeking teaching jobs in Florida.

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Becoming a Teacher 

The most important aspect of becoming a teacher is finding a job. Here are a few steps to follow and get a job offer in Florida: 

Create a Portfolio 

The teaching portfolio comprises all the aspects that highlight a teacher’s ability. It will provide recruiters with an idea as to what you can offer the institute. Your portfolio includes a resume, teaching philosophy, and recommendation letters. 

Look for Jobs Online 

Florida has plenty of openings for Florida teachers on online job boards. The interested candidate can filter out jobs according to their requirements and apply for jobs online. 

They can also consult other industry professionals for some tricks and tricks. Expanding one’s network boosts their chances of recommendations and landing a good teaching job. 

Start off as a Substitute Teacher 

Many Florida teachers start their teaching journey as substitute teachers and then climb their way up the ladder. For an interested candidate, beginning as a substitute teacher can be an ideal choice to get their foot in the door. 

Over time, they’ll grow more and more aware of how things work in the school and learn from senior Florida teachers along the way. If the candidate has the required documents and a great attitude, they can quickly get a job as a substitute teacher. 

Final Thoughts 

By following these easy steps, anyone can start their teaching journey in Florida. We hope this guide was helpful in learning how to become a teacher in Florida.

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