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Be Romantic & Buy Antique Rings For Your Anniversary

Buy Antique Rings

If you are a lover of fine antique rings, you certainly aren’t alone and there’s a great way to amass quite a collection of antique rings, which is to acquire one ring every anniversary. If, for example, you were recently married, ask your husband to give you an antique ring rather than any other gift when your anniversary comes around. Time flies by and before you know it, you will have an enviable collection of rings from various eras, which would turn out to be quite an investment.

Choose A Period

It might be the 17th, 18th, or even the 19th century that you focus on and when you want to buy antique rings online, a search engine will help you to locate a leading antique dealer, where you can browse their extensive catalogue and select this year’s acquisition. Whether your partner invests or you use your own savings, this will turn out to be a very wise long-term investment, plus you have so many rings to choose from when accessorising.

Ring Stacking

It is now fashion to stack rings, which happens to be great if you are a collector of rare pieces of antique rings for women. Think of the fun you can have when you lay out all of your antique jewellery on your bed and mix and match. If you would like some ring stacking inspiration, Google Images has you covered, bringing you hundreds, if not thousands of chic images.

A Diamond Collection

If you stick to diamond rings, your collection will be worth a lot of money when you celebrate your golden wedding anniversary, plus the collection will grow and appreciate at the same time. You might prefer mine cut stones, crafted into shape by hand, which was the only way to cut precious stones before the Industrial Revolution. Diamonds are graded using the 4C system and prior to acquiring diamonds, it is important that you have a basic understanding of how diamonds are graded.

Make It A Double

Men also wear rings, so why not make a pact that you will each buy a ring for the other when your wedding anniversary comes around. Of course, you can ask for other types of jewellery from your other half, it doesn’t always have to be a ring; you might like some diamond earrings to go with the diamond ring you received the year before.

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Where To Buy Genuine Antique Jewellery

Buy Genuine Antique Jewellery

The best option is to browse the reputable antique dealers’ websites, where you will find stunning antique pieces at affordable prices and if you prefer a private viewing, this can easily be arranged. When you buy from a reputable antique dealer, you can be sure of the authenticity of the piece, plus the dealer would know a lot about the history of most pieces on their books.

Many private investors include antique jewellery in their portfolio, which does appreciate over time and you also get to wear stunning jewellery when you dress up for a special occasion.

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