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Australian Curriculum Resources

Australian Curriculum Resources

Top Australian Curriculum Resources

The Australian curriculum is one of the most important aspects of education in Australia. It provides a framework for schools to follow and helps ensure that all students receive a quality education. Without it, schools would be free to teach whatever they wanted, and there would be no guarantee that all students would receive the same education.

The curriculum is designed to promote student learning and achievement in all areas of the curriculum. It is also designed to meet the needs of different learners, including those with special needs. The Australian curriculum is divided into eight learning areas: English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, The Arts, Technologies, and Health and Physical Education.

The Australian curriculum is continually evolving; as new technologies and ideas emerge, the curriculum is updated to reflect these changes. This means that the curriculum is always up-to-date and relevant to the needs of today’s students. For example, one modern change that has been incorporated into the curriculum is the use of digital technologies. As more and more students use computers and smartphones in their everyday lives, it is imperative that children are taught in these key areas and given the foundation they need to succeed.

As well as the standard curriculum, various resources are made available to teachers to ensure that they can teach the curriculum engagingly and effectively. These resources can be found online and in print, and cover a wide range of topics. For instance, teachers of English Literature may find resources discussing the benefits of using specific novels in the classroom, while those teaching History may find resources discussing different ways to approach the study of history.

When it comes to teaching about indigenous Australians and different cultures, there are also several excellent resources available. These days, one of the best in Australians Together, an organisation that provides curriculum resources to integrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait perspectives and stories into the classroom.

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Indigenous Australia

Why do children need to learn about indigenous Australia? To understand the need for this, it is important to consider Australia’s history. For centuries, there was a disconnect between the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and the broader Australian community. As an example, you only need to look at Australia Day.

As you may know, Australia Day celebrates the anniversary of the first fleet of British ships arriving in Sydney in 1788. For many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island peoples, this is not a day of celebration. It is a day of mourning, as it marks the start of European settlement in Australia, which had a devastating impact on their way of life.

In recent years, there has been a shift in the way Australia Day is celebrated. While some people still choose to celebrate on January 26th, others are now choosing to celebrate on an alternative date that is more inclusive of all Australians. Every year, the calls to change the date of Australia Day grow louder.

Thankfully, things have changed significantly in recent years and there is now a much greater effort to promote reconciliation between indigenous Australians and the wider community. One way this is being done is through education, with many schools now using Australian curriculum resources that focus on indigenous Australians and different cultures.
If you’re looking for top Australian curriculum resources that cover indigenous Australians and different cultures, this is a fantastic starting point. With more understanding of Australia’s past and present, we can all work together towards a more united future.

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