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Cryptocurrency Trends We Could Expect In The Future

Cryptocurrency Trends

Since blockchain became part of the financial markets debate, Bitcoin has long been the market leader, discussion starter, and dominant force by any metric. The market size of over $1 trillion, large purchases by household brands like Tesla TSLA +1.8 percent, and crypto payments by significant payment processors make it rational to assume that bitcoin dominance is inevitable. As a result of this quick rise in value, ether and the Ethereum blockchain have also seen a significant increase in popularity. While market players and experts are on price movements, ether and Ethereum have been the most important stories of the second half of 2020 and the first half of 2021.

Despite the recent surge in ether prices, many of the blockchain apps that have captivated the general public are by the Ethereum network. Even while Bitcoin has consistently (and rightfully) led the global crypto debate, there is a case to be made that ether and Ethereum will show the next stage of blockchain implementation in terms of applications and use points. As a result, for the first time in the history of the financial markets, an open competition is taking place to select which protocols and cryptocurrencies will dominate the industry in the years ahead. You can get more information about crypto trading.


Cryptocurrency’s DeFi initiatives, or decentralized financial services, are expected to be a significant trend in the industry in 2021. DeFi initiatives have recently established a solid footing in the banking sector. ‘As a result of this, analysts predict that DeFi will play an essential role in promoting digital asset storage or tokenization. DeFi’s expansion will coincide with Ethereum’s (based on DeFi protocols).

Transactions vs. Applications

In recent years, there has been a fierce dispute regarding whether or not we may use crypto for commerce rather than just retained as an investment. For the time being, at least in the United States, it appears that all crypto assets will be as property, which has far-reaching consequences.

The Cryptocurrency Ecosystem’s Institutionalization

Cryptocurrency has long come with mistrust by giant financial institutions and enterprises. In asset management, this has become clearer than everywhere else. We may expect an investment of more than $15 billion in institutional assets in the crypto asset class.

Prices and Diversification

The number of cryptocurrencies and the variety of crypto assets at large are growing almost daily. Even if many of these new forms of cryptocurrency lack features that make more well-known forms of digital currency so appealing to investors, the industry is still growing despite this. 

Stablecoins’ Rapid Rise

A 500% rise in the number of stablecoins in circulation was in 2020. Tether and USDC are to dominate the stablecoin industry in 2021, with the rest of the market following suit. One of the hottest cryptocurrencies right now is a stable coin. 

Assets versus Platform

As opposed to a single crypto asset, the ecosystem will be more valuable in the marketplace in the long run, which is another point to consider in the fight between bitcoin and ether. Let’s get back to more concrete terms: what’s the actual value like Apple AAPL +2.3 percent; a particular product or the network effects (and information) that such gadgets enable? Apple’s success may be mainly due to the network effects that a robust platform delivers, even if there is some debate over the direct reason.


According to experts, central banks will also be involved in the game with the launch of Central Bank Digital Currencies when rules come into play (CBDCs). As a result, this might potentially be the future of financial transactions. You’ve probably heard of China’s new digital currency, the digital yuan. 


Cryptocurrency enthusiasts eagerly anticipate this year’s ETF. Because ETFs are permitted, more traders are likely to invest in cryptocurrencies rather than hold them on exchanges. It is going to be a massive boost for the crypto industry.

Are blockchain and crypto applications going to have a different outcomes?

We should expect more debate and discussion on the impact of the current surge in ether’s value on the long-term development of the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries. There are, however, a few primary concerns that are driving the larger discourse forward, despite the ongoing price volatility in the crypto market. It’s too early to tell the eventual price of various cryptocurrencies, how new applications will evolve, or which choices will rise to the top. 

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