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Arvind Poddar Net worth- The Billionaire Samdhi Of Mukesh Ambani’s Right Hand Who Commands Rs 27,000 Crore

Arvind Poddar Net worth

Arvind Poddar, an esteemed figure in India’s wealth landscape, stands among the nation’s most affluent individuals. His family commands the reins of Balkrishna Industries, a formidable entity. Adding to their great connections, his son’s marriage has united them with a trusted confidante of Mukesh Ambani, the eminent leader at the helm of Reliance Industries.

Under the Poddar company’s expert guidance, they specialize in crafting robust off-road tires tailored to various applications. From supporting the demands of agriculture to enabling mining and construction endeavors, their tire solutions cater to the diverse needs of vehicles and equipment operating in challenging terrains.

Personal Life of Arvind Poddar

  • Full name- Vijaylaxmi Arvind Poddar
  • Gender- Male
  • Age- 65 (as of 2023) 
  • Date of Birth- 17 Nov 1957
  • Birthplace- Mumbai, India 
  • Profession- Entrepreneur
  • Nationality- Indian
  • Zodiac Sign- N/A

Physical Statistics

  • Height- N/A
  • Weight- N/A
  • Hair Color- Black
  • Eye Color- Black

Arvind Poddar’s Net Worth Growth

Arvind Poddar has experienced remarkable growth in his net worth in recent years. According to the Forbes Billionaires List, Poddar’s net worth surged from $600 million in 2020 to an estimated $1.3 billion in 2022. This remarkable increase can be attributed to the flourishing businesses under the Poddar Group, which span real estate, infrastructure, and power sectors.

YearNet worth
Net worth in 2020$600 million
Net worth in 2022$1.3 million

Arvind Poddar’s Earning And Sources

Arvind Poddar is a billionaire businessman and a diversified conglomerate interested in real estate, infrastructure, and energy. He is also the samdhi (relative by marriage) of Manoj Modi, the brother-in-law of Mukesh Ambani.

His earnings come from a variety of sources, including:

  • Real estate: Poddar Group is one of India’s largest real estate developers. The company has developed several high-profile projects, including the Poddar Towers in Mumbai and the Poddar City in Pune.
  • Infrastructure: Poddar Group is also involved in the infrastructure sector. The company has built several roads, bridges, and power plants in India.
  • Energy: Poddar Group has interests in the energy sector. The company owns and operates several power plants in India.

In 2019, Mukesh Ambani gifted Poddar a ₹1,500 crore (US$200 million) house in Mumbai. The home is located in the Worli Seaface area and is one of India’s most expensive residential properties.

Poddar is a philanthropist and has donated generously to various charities. He is also the chairman of the Poddar Foundation, a non-profit organization that works in education, healthcare, and social welfare.

Latest News About Arvind Poddar

Arvind Poddar Biography

Arvind Poddar has witnessed a remarkable surge in his net worth in recent years. In the realm of real estate, Poddar Housing and Development, a key division of the group, secured the 10th spot among India’s largest real estate developers in 2020. Their presence in the bustling Mumbai Metropolitan Region and ongoing ambitious projects like Poddar City in Thane have propelled their success.

Poddar Infrastructure, another major arm of the group, holds a significant position in India’s infrastructure landscape. They have garnered national recognition for constructing highways, bridges, and power plants. A notable feather in their cap is the prestigious contract awarded to them in 2021 for the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway, a groundbreaking project with a budget exceeding $10 billion. These ventures have elevated Arvind Poddar’s net worth and exemplified his astute business acumen and the group’s achievements across diverse sectors.

Arvind Poddar Career

Poddar started his career with Balkrishna Industries in 1979 as a management trainee. He quickly rose through the ranks and was appointed managing director in 1999. Under his leadership, Balkrishna Industries has become one of the largest carbon black manufacturers in the world.

Poddar is a visionary leader who helped transform Balkrishna Industries into a global leader. He is also a strong advocate for sustainability and has helped the company become one of the world’s most environmentally friendly carbon black manufacturers.

Poddar is a recipient of several awards, including the Padma Shri, one of India’s highest civilian honors. He is also a member of the board of directors of several leading companies. Here are some critical milestones in Poddar’s career:

  • 1979: Joins Balkrishna Industries as a management trainee
  • 1999: Appointed managing director of Balkrishna Industries
  • 2004: Balkrishna Industries becomes the world’s largest carbon black manufacturer
  • 2016: Appointed chairman of Balkrishna Industries
  • 2022: Receives Padma Shri

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