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How To Respond If You’ve Been Arrested For A Crime

Arrested For A Crime

Going about your business only to find yourself being asked to put your hands behind your back while you are arrested is a confusing experience. It’s only natural to feel a large amount of emotion when this occurs, but the most important thing to remember is to stay as calm as possible. To that end, there are five primary tips that a person should remember if they are being arrested so that everything goes as smoothly as possible:

Step 1: Do Not Resist The Police

First and foremost, never resist the police when you are being arrested, even if you know you are innocent of the crime you are being arrested for. It’s important to remember that the police are just doing their job and are making the arrest based on their probable cause. Allow them to take you in so that you and your lawyer can explain your case afterward, rather than making matters worse by resisting and adding another charge against yourself.

Step 2: Do Not Try To Explain Yourself

Building off of the last point, when you are getting arrested it is not the time to be explaining yourself to the officers and begging to not be arrested. Police are simply taking you into custody, but they are not the people who decide on a verdict in your case. Allow the legal process to occur, rather than attempting to resist your arrest by explaining yourself.

Step 3: Do Not Destroy Any Potential Evidence

The last thing you should do when you see you are about to be arrested is to start to destroy evidence. On top of this, avoid unknowingly destroying potential evidence that may also work in your favor when building your legal defense. Don’t touch anything when you are being arrested and don’t request to grab anything unless it is absolutely necessary, such as medication.

Step 4: Think About Potential Witnesses To What Occurred

As you are being arrested, consider thinking about people who can attest to what occurred. This can be a game changer in terms of proving your innocence in court, so start thinking about witnesses to what occurred in your head.

Step 5: Invoke Your Rights

Finally, always remember to invoke your rights following your arrest. Don’t talk to the police or try to explain what happened to them, as you may accidentally say something self-incriminating. Make use of your right to legal counsel and contact an accredited criminal defense lawyer in your area who can assist you with navigating the process of your arrest.

The Bottom Line

Nobody wants to find themselves being arrested by the police. This is a confusing experience, especially if you don’t initially know why you are being arrested, which is why the above tips can help. Above all, never forget to contact an accredited criminal defense attorney in your area who can help you create a legal defense. This is the best way to have a shot at getting your charges reduced or dropped completely.

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