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Arnold Vosloo Net Worth : Career, Life, Education And Much More About The Mummy Movie Star

Arnold Vosloo Net Worth : Career, Life, Education And Much More About The Mummy Movie Star

If you have seen the blockbuster movie The Mummy, then you can easily recognize Arnold Vosloo, who played the epic role of a high Egyptian priest, Imhotep, in the movie. The legendary actor played many iconic roles in multiple movies and made his presence felt on the screen with his exceptional acting skills. If you know him just because of his role in the blockbuster movie The Mummy, then you need to know about his other movies. Along with that, if you also want to know more about his life, career, net worth, personal interests, and much more, then you are at the right place.

Know About Arnold Vosloo’s Early Life

The Mummy actor was born on June 16, 1962, in South Africa. Right from childhood, he wanted to pursue an acting career and started his acting career in South African theater. Slowly and gradually, he gained immense popularity and fame. Currently, he is 61 years old, as per his birth date.

Many people are not aware of the fact that his parents were also actors. His parents’ names are Johan J. Daniel and Johanna. They did a lot of theater and plays. Hence, he got acting advice from his parents. He also has one sister, with whom he is very close.

Before his acting career, Arnold Vosloo completed his education and went into the military to receive some essential training. He served in the military for some time before starting a full-fledged acting career with sheer dedication and passion. After that, he never looked back and learned acting from his father, who used to run his theater in Alberton.

Arnold Vosloo’s Career

Initially, he acted in South African shows and films. He started his acting career in 1984. Since his parents were also into acting, he didn’t find any problem pursuing acting as a career and getting roles in South African movies and TV shows. Hence, he honed his acting skills in his country’s cinema before making his debut in Hollywood.

Arnold Vosloo started his career in Hollywood with the movie Conquest of Paradise in 1992. After that, he appeared in many movies, such as Darkman II and III, Blood Diamond, and many more. However, he gained major popularity and success with The Mummy Returns. Mostly, he played the role of villain in movies. Also, know the careers of Jayce Ivanah and Marisol Yotta.

What You Should Know About Arnold Vosloo’s Personal Life and Relationships

As per the sources, Arnold Vosloo married Nancy Mulford in 1988. However, the couple parted ways after spending three years together for some personal reasons. After that, he tied the knot with Silvia Ahi in 1998 and are now living together happily.

Know Arnold Vosloo’s Net Worth

Many of his fans are always curious to know his net worth. Here we bring his net worth details to satiate your curiosity. As per the reports, his net worth is around $5 million. His net worth has spiked consistently in the last six years. You can also check out the net worth of Jovi Nicole Engbino and Darez Diggs.

Arnold Vosloo

•      In 2018, his net worth was $3.1 million.

•      In 2019, his net worth was $3.4 million.

•      In 2020, his net worth climbed to $3.7 million.

•      In 2021, his net worth reached $4.0 million.

•      In 2022, his net worth spiked to $4.5 million.

•      In 2023, his net worth reached $5 million.

Know Arnold Vosloo’s assets and cars

Since he has done a lot of Hollywood movies, he has accumulated a lot of wealth. His successful career as an actor made him acquire a lot of properties, cars, and assets.

As per the reports, Arnold Vosloo has his own lavish houses in New York City and Manhattan. Along with that, he also has properties in Johannesburg and Centurion, South Africa. All his properties are pretty lavish and exotic. Along with that, he has spent a lot of money on home décor and furnishing to make all his properties look grand.

When it comes to his car collection, there is not much detail about what cars he owns. However, he prefers bikes to cars. He has some lavish bikes, including Ducati and premium sports bikes.

Arnold Vosloo’s Body Stats

•      His height is 188 cm.

•      He weighs around 191 lbs.

•      His eye color is hazel.

•      His hair color is pepper and salt.

•      His zodiac sign is Gemini.

•      His sexual orientation is straight.

Interesting Facts About Arnold Vosloo

•      Arnold Vosloo started his acting career in South African theater and won multiple Dairo Awards for his exceptional acting skills and performances.

•      He gained US citizenship after marrying his co-star, Nancy Mulford. However, the couple separated after three years of marriage due to personal issues.

•      He is currently working on Afrikaans films in his own country after spending a good number of years in Hollywood.

•      He has two citizenships, including American and South African. By birth, he has South African citizenship. However, the US citizenship he acquired after marrying Nancy Mulford

•      He is not just an actor but also a successful producer. He has produced a good number of movies, including Forgiveness, a South African movie.

•      Not many people know that he is also a fitness freak and into bodybuilding.

•      Arnold Vosloo is also a serial businessman and successfully runs various businesses on Airbnb and Uber.

•      Arnold Vosloo has appeared in over 60 films as well as TV series.

Final Thoughts

No doubt, Arnold Vosloo is an exceptionally talented actor who has given multiple superhit Hollywood movies, including The Mummy. He has entertained his fans through his acting skills and achieved several milestones and awards. Not only in Hollywood, the actor has done amazing work in South African movies as well. The above biography highlights all his achievements, journey as an actor, and personal life. Hence, if you are his fan, then this biography will give you a good insight into his personal and professional life. For more biography updates, follow our social media pages and Lemony Blog.

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