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What Steps Should One Take After A Deal Rejection? Follow These Effective Steps

A Deal Rejection

It’s really disheartening to witness a deal rejection. Whether it’s a car deal, property deal, or any other deal, the rejection literally creates a dent in one’s heart. Being a salesperson, it’s quite difficult to listen from the customer that we can’t close the deal or we are not interested. Many salespersons or businessmen get stressed or angry about it and often stop the conversation with the client. However, it’s not the end of the road for you.  In fact, it’s a chance to convince that person in the future.

But we know it’s an art and requires a proper strategy. Not everyone is a born influencer who can crack any deal effortlessly. Hence, we bring to you the most effective and result-proven steps that will surely increase the chances of closing the deal.

Top 15 Important Steps To Increase the Chances Of Closing A Deal

Show Your Customer The Potential Value Of Your Product

Many customers are money-minded and always look for an affordability factor in almost every deal. If you also come across such a customer then the best way is to show him the value of your product or service. Also, look for his weakness to mold the offer and the price. In case, they are still reluctant to buy your service or product, then don’t disappoint. Maybe they are not prepared for that particular day. But, keep making efforts in the future to close the deal.

Show Your Customers Lower Priced Products/services To Win The Trust

Many customers read and observe the intentions of a salesperson before making a move. They look for trust more than anything else. Hence, you need to show value and your company’s ethics by offering an entry-level product or service to gain their trust. Once they start trusting you they won’t mind paying for higher range products.

Don’t Stop Yourself From Selling

Many salespersons stop selling after facing rejection or disinterest from a customer side. This is where they make a big mistake. Being a salesperson, you have to sell and it’s your job. You can show understanding towards a customer, mention the key points of your product or service, showcase why to buy your product, how your company outshines its competitors, etc. But, you can’t just stop selling. You can also go ahead and convince customers to take action quickly before it gets too late.

Stay Positive And Show Understanding

Don’t become too practical and straightforward while selling your product or service. It’s really important to showcase empathy toward your customer’s personal and financial problems. Simultaneously, you need to understand their opinions. While doing all this, you need to keep the conversation going. Despite getting rejection from your customer, it’s really important to stay positive and consistent to keep your morale up. Hence, you need to respect the customer’s decision without losing your confidence.

Highlight Your Product’s Specialty

If you are a good businessman or salesperson then you will surely highlight your product or service, or its specialty to customers. In this competitive world, it’s really important to highlight your product’s unique selling point to differentiate yourself from others. It will also help you to win your customer’s trust and confidence.

In addition, showcase a broad and clear comparison along with facts to show how your product is superior to others. This way, they can reconsider your product or service over others. Any discount will act as icing on the cake.

Offer Different Payment Options

Sometimes, a customer is willing to buy a product but a premium price tag refrains him to make an instant payment in one shot. If the premium cost of your product acts as a barrier in cracking a deal then you can offer your customer different payment options. If it allows, then provide your customer with a proper payment plan. Else, there is no harm in taking follow-ups from your customer.

Always Prepare A Plan

You need to be ready for any obstacle such as budget constraints, trust, decision-making issues, etc. Most customers show one of these reasons most of the time. Hence, it’s better for you should prepare for these reasons in order to avoid rejection. By showing yourself as a confident and trusted advisor you can eliminate the problem of rejection to a great extent.

Understand The Details Of The Problem

It’s really important to understand the details of the problems faced by customers. Don’t leave that part easily. Try to go in-depth and learn whether it’s an investment problem or any other competing feature. Upon understanding the details, you can easily mold your offer without facing rejection blatantly.

Try To Build Trust

Trust is the key in today’s world. Every customer looks for a trustworthy salesperson, business, and association. Not every rejection is based on price, sometimes it’s based on trust issues. If a customer is not able to trust your product or service, then he may walk out of a deal. Hence, whatever you do to convince a customer make sure everything is based on trust.

Instead Of Selling, Educate Your Customer

Don’t always try to sell your products or services. It’s always better and smart to educate your customers about the new technology that your product or service is bringing to the table. Show them the value and features that your product or service will bring and make them feel upgraded.

Build Relationships

It’s not good to treat your customer as a potential prospect without paying focus on building a relationship with them. Always remember that every customer is a potential lead and one rejection is not the end of the road. You can take follow-ups and convince them in the future. Today you need to build your contact list in order to secure your future with leads.

Some customers take time to make decisions. Hence, it’s always better to offer them a trial, showcase the real-time value of your product or service, etc. By doing this, your customer will start trusting you as you are not eager to sell your products or services. You are in fact giving them time to make their decision without any rush.

Seek Customer’s Input

It’s always wise to take your customers’ input to meet their requirements. Sometimes, customers want some specific features that may be missing from the product or service. So, you can always go the extra mile to improve the product as per your customer’s requirements by making a beta version. In this way, you can take their input before designing the final product.

Talk About The Price First

It’s always good to be transparent to create a trustworthy and long-lasting partnership. Don’t beat around the bush and never hide anything. Instead of negotiating the price later, it’s better to set the price right and discuss it before to avoid wasting the time of your customers.

Focus On The Long Game

No matter if a customer has rejected your offer, you need to consistently work on your products, services, pricing, and pitches. Always remember that particular customer is a part of your network and he will share his experience with other people in his and your network. If you want him to refer potential clients to you then it’s always better to stay transparent and honest about whatever you share with him.

Stay In Touch Regularly

What if the deal is rejected by a customer? It’s always good to stay in touch with him by sharing essential news and updates about your products and services via messages, emails, etc. You may convert that rejection into a lead after a few months or years. So, keep this hope alive and always stay in touch with your customers who have rejected the deal.

Make Them See The Overall Value Of Your Product/service

You always need to help customers to see the overall value of your product or service. Sit and listen to your customers’ problems, including finances, etc, and show them the overall value prospect of your product or service to convince them to say yes.

Final Thoughts

We all know that fetching new customers is an uphill task in this highly competitive market. Hence, it’s really important to follow the above steps to increase the chances of cracking a deal without facing rejection.

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