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8 Types Of Erotic Massages Offered At Tantric Massage Parlors

Tantric Massage Parlors

Congratulation on finding a good massage parlor or spa to get massage services from. After assessing the services offered and being satisfied with your budget, you should be specific on the type of massage you want. This is where many people begin to fumble by not knowing the different answers to consider.  The massaging world is a big section to cover as there are regular massage services like muscle and deep tissue massage, regular full body massage among others while there are erotic massage services which is a whole category on its own. Sensual or erotic massages are aimed at building tension in the body of the recipient by arousing them and helping them climax through different massaging services. Learn more below on the types of London tantric massage services that exist in the erotic section before deciding the one you might prefer.

Duo or four hands massage 

In this case, you can have one or two people giving you a full body massage at the same time. The best part about this form of massage is they take their time to rub oil on your body and massage your pressure points to give you relaxation. It can be a starter process leading to a full body-to-body massage which in most cases encourages nudity and can be an exemplary vision for the eye. Duo or four hands massage may not be that common however with massaging services everything can be arranged, you just have to make your wishes known early enough.

Body to body massage 

This is also called by most people Nuru massage and it can be a thrilling experience especially for a first-timer. Nuru massage begins with the masseuse completely undressing and going nude while in the massage room with the customer. They then have to rub tasteless or odorless oil on their bodies before giving their customers a body-to-body rub also known as body-to-body massage. This can go on for a while to heighten the sexual tension in the room and also teach you about edging as a client to perform even better in your future sexual escapades. In a few cases, it culminates into sexual intercourse but this totally depends on the people involved.

Lingam massage 

Most customers know lingam massage as penis massage which involves penis honoring for a while. The client must be informed how long the process will take and in no case should they take the lead role but instead one has to be submissive to the power of the masseuse. The natural stimulation arousal of the penis is initiated with various massages for instance shaft, perineum, and even external prostate to lead to climaxing of the client. It also teaches men the best ways to enjoy sex by being true to their interests.

Yoni Massage 

This is the female version of lingam massage where the vagina or vulva is honored, loved, and stimulated through a series of massage activities. During this massage, ladies are helped to relax and trust the care provider to give them pleasure while soothing them with teasing and desire. Rather than targeting to have sex at the end of the process, the process should only focus on pleasuring the client and creating trust between you leading to orgasms without the necessary need to have sex. Yoni massage is all about trust and pleasure which are the key ingredients to any seduction plan.

Tantric massage 

Having been sourced from India, tantric massage is a unique form of body massage where there is sexual awareness and some form of connection between the giver of the massage and the recipient. It is also referred to as the science of ecstasy where the recipient should care about is their needs being attended to by the caregiver. The recipient of the services should expect some body-to-body massage, elements of Yoni or Lingam massage but they do not necessarily have to climax. The goal is to be pleasured and cared for by another person in a special way.

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Prostate massage 

This is the process of stimulating the prostate gland of a man. In a tantric massage, this is the sacred spot of a man where the caregiver must be most experienced and careful in what they are doing. When stimulated, the prostate releases its physical pressure allowing the client to be pleasured and relax. It begins with massaging the external prostate then proceeding to the perineum before lowering down to the anus but stretching gently. This type of massage goes in handy with lingam experience where the penis is massaged including the testicles and exterior prostate.

Soapy massage 

This is basically bathroom massage which a lot of couples give each other often. You can however schedule an appointment for a soapy massage where you get into the bathroom or shower with a massage therapist and use soap and water to give a massage. Most people want the soapy massage to, later on, proceed to have sex especially couples and other forms of erotic massages. 

Happy ending massage 

This is the last type of massage that you should care about in this section as it entails direct stimulation of the genitals through massage sessions. The goal of having a happy ending massage is to orgasms and therefore there could be a lot of hand jobs involved in the same, it is also not recommended to jump right to the lingam massage but teasing and pleasing before aiming to achieve climaxing for your client. Consider inquiring first how many times you are allowed to ejaculate, the skill involved during the process, and most importantly the duration of time you will be receiving the same. 


While a few people might be shy to book appointments for a sensual and erotic massage session, a number of merits can be received from the same. You can for instance develop your sexual stamina, awareness, discover your sexual pressure points and most importantly help you regain control of your sexual life. Choosing a top-notch professional is however the key to getting quality services that you will enjoy paying for.

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