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A Few Reasons Why Using a Cupping Set Can be Better than a Deep Tissue Massage

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If you have a chronically tight back, your legs are really hurting after your last Crossfit workout, or your neck and shoulders are always tight after sitting in the car and driving all day, you might think it is time to book into your next massage appointment. However, what if there is another therapy method that might be better for your tight and aching muscles?

Instead of automatically booking a deep tissue massage for your back, neck, or legs, try using a cupping set to help your body recover after injury, accidents, or chronic overuse. Let’s see a few benefits of using a cupping set and why this can be a better therapy modality than using tissue massage for muscle soreness. You can visit Source Fitness if you want to buy a cupping set.

The benefits of using a cupping set

Increases circulation throughout your body

When you use a cupping set, you are simultaneously improving the circulation throughout your body. If you find that certain muscles are sore because they are not receiving enough blood flow to properly recover after an intense workout, the cupping set will help to speed up the flow of blood and nutrients within your body to promote recovery. Increasing circulation is the best way that you can relieve muscle tension and boost muscle repair!

Release toxins

Using a cupping set instead of massage helps your body to release toxins that have been built up over time within your system. Since we all have toxins – inhaling the oxygen on your way to work, touching germs, ingesting chemical-laden food, and drinking sugary drinks – we next get rid of the toxins by using cupping set to help our lymphatic and immune system.

Reduces anxiety

If you have a buildup of tension and anxiety from your job, school, or personal life, then using a cupping set will be the better way to de-stress and relieve your anxiety than using a deep tissue massage. When you use the cupping set against your skin, you will find that your parasympathetic nervous system will start to engage, slowing down your heart rate and relaxing your mind.

Reduces stretch marks

Using a cupping set is one of the best ways that you can reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks on your body. Although the appearance of stretch marks is completely normal for people of all ages and all sizes, you may want to try and use the cupping set on your back to help stretch marks on your stomach, lower back, and legs. If so, using a cupping set is more effective than deep tissue massage at reducing skin imperfections. You can use the cupping set to help restore circulation and get rid of excess fluid buildup under your skin. 


Using a cupping set when compared to a deep tissue massage has many benefits. Instead of just using massage to get rid of tight muscles and aching joints, you can use the cupping set for many health benefits. A cupping set helps to improve your circulation, reduce a build-up of toxins, reduce anxiety, and rid the appearance of stretch marks and scars!

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