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8 Things Women Can Do To Improve Their Health

8 Things Women Can Do To Improve Their Health

There are many things that women young and old can do to improve their health. While these may seem simple, sometimes it’s the little things done over time that have the most impact. Improving health means you need to make changes to your lifestyle permanently. But these are simple to implement and maintain once you get the hang of it.


Women’s brains go a million miles per hour thinking through everything that happens in a day when they lay their heads down on their pillows. But sleep is essential for good health. It regulates hormone production, assists with energy levels, and helps women lose weight. If you’re struggling to drop extra pounds and you’re not sleeping well at night, it’s important to focus on better sleep. Create a bedtime routine, put your technology away an hour before bed, sleep in a dark room, and don’t have caffeine right before bed.

Eat Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

This can’t be said enough. Fruits and veggies should be present at every meal. They are filled with nutrients and fiber that impact every area of a woman’s health. While an apple a day could keep the doctor away, a salad a day can do even better. Fresh produce provides much-needed antioxidants, and more.

Get Regular Women’s Well Checks

Those annual doctor’s visits are critical for women’s health. Medical professionals ask critical health questions that you may not have considered. They look for ways to improve both your physical and mental health. Additionally, they can do medical screenings to test for cancer and other female health conditions. It may seem unnecessary, but these screenings can detect illness before you know you have something.

In addition, this professional dentist in Keene also recommends never skipping your dental checkups, especially if you’re pregnant or menopausal. Pregnant and menopausal women are more prone to dental issues so they need to give special attention to their teeth’s health.


You don’t need to spend hours a day at the gym to get the benefits of exercise. Just 30 minutes a day of walking plus strength training 3 times a week is more than enough. The great thing about strength training is that there are plenty of ways to do it from home with simple bodyweight exercises. Exercise improves your mood, strengthens bones, and improves cardiovascular health. Women in particular are at greater risk of osteoporosis and heart disease and exercise reduces the risk of both.

Take Vacations

Women work and rarely take breaks. Vacations are necessary to help refresh and rejuvenate women. 3-day weekends, a week-long trip, or an extended vacation can give women the boost they need to keep pressing forward in their lives and career. Vacations help you see new things, go to new places, and meet new people. In short, vacations are great for a woman’s mental health. While many women vacation with their children, sometimes it’s okay to take a short break without them.

Learn Something New

Brain games are touted as helping older women retain their memory and mental acuity. Another thing that can help in this area is to make an effort to learn something new. The brain makes new connections when you learn something new and it can strengthen old connections. This acts as a protective measure against neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Learning new things helps women be social, make friends, and help their brain health. It gives them stronger memories and something fun to do that they enjoy.


When you do something kind for others it gives you an emotional boost. While volunteering shouldn’t be for the volunteer, it does benefit the one helping. By considering others, your mind and emotions are impacted. Volunteering can help women gain perspective on their own lives. Sometimes helping at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter can shed light on what’s truly important in life. Volunteering causes women to slow down and be present in the moment.

Limit alcohol consumption

Women are especially vulnerable to the negative effects of alcohol. Too much alcohol consumption taxes vital organs. The liver functions harder to pull out toxins, the heart works harder to distribute oxygen and the stomach can’t handle all that alcohol. It’s best for women to have up to 5 servings of alcohol per week with no more than two drinks at a time. This limit ensures that women can stay healthy while still enjoying a glass of wine or a shot on occasion.

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