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7 CBD online shopping tips for New users

Shopping for CBD Online

Are you looking to give cannabidiol (CBD) products a try?

The is at an all-time high. More people are using CBD products to reduce stress. They’re legal since they have no psychoactive ingredients.

Thankfully, you can buy different CBD products online. With so many sellers, how do you know you’re buying top-quality products?

Continue reading below for seven important tips on shopping for CBD online.

1. Determine Why You Need It For

Before shopping for CBD online, determine your reason for using it. From there, pick the one that offers the best possible results.

If you’re suffering from swelling or arthritis-related pain, use topical CBD products. CBD isolates can also do wonders for chronic pain.

To reduce your anxiety or insomnia, vaping CBD oil and using CBD pre rolled joints are great options. If you’re not into both, CBD pills and capsules are better alternatives. A Santa Rosa dispensary can help you choose the best products for your ailments. 

2. Check the Online Reviews

When visiting an online CBD store, check the reviews section. What are customers saying about their products? Check whether they allow people to post negative comments.

After that, go to third-party online review sites. It ensures the feedback is genuine. Read at least ten reviews and take note of important customer feedback before buying.

See if the customers complain about unwanted side effects. Look for buying tips from veteran CBD users. If the store is carrying multiple brands, check their reputation.

3. Lab Test Results Matter

Never fall for health claims without looking at the product’s lab test results. Some sellers won’t post the results on the website. However, you can still find them online.

Key in the specific product and the brand, and you’ll find the lab test results.

Look for third-party lab results. They should show whether the product meets high CBD standards. Check for contaminants.

The results must show microbial, residual solvents, and other key factors affecting the product’s potency.

Be wary since some companies forge lab results. Check the date of the product’s certificate of approval.  Confirm if the results receive laboratory accreditations.

Additionally, the product must comply with the.

4. Mind the Health Claims

CBD companies can publish health claims about their products. Unfortunately, some of these are unrealistic. Never let these exaggerated promises tempt you.

An example is when a product categorically claims it can cure cancer. CBD users with the illness report relief. However, it’s mostly anecdotal evidence with little scientific explanation.

The same thing goes for depression. CBD won’t directly cure depression. All it does is help manage its symptoms.

Avoid sellers saying their products are safe for everyone to use. People react differently to CBD products. It’s especially for people under specific medications.

Consult your doctor before buying any CBD product. The FDA bars CBD sellers from publishing health claims. If a company explicitly makes health claims about CBD, avoid them since they’re often shady.

5. Read the Labels

Read the label, check the medical marijuana license of Canada before trying any CBD product. Understand everything from top to bottom. Check the product’s THC levels before anything else.

THC is the psychoactive component of the hemp plant. It’s also the ingredient causing people to feel high. The government set the THC limit to 0.3%.

Any CBD product containing over 0.3% of THC is illegal. Check the product’s dosage. Labels of pills and capsules should have the proper CBD dosage. However, CBD tinctures need some calculation per serving.

Don’t forget the CBD concentration. A bigger bottle of CBD oil doesn’t always equate to potency. A 50mL bottle of CBD oil with 100mg of CBD is more potent than a 1000mL bottle with only 1,000mg of CBD oil.

Review the company’s return policy. Most companies offer a limited return or refund policy. You also need to return the pre roll packaging along with the product.

If a company doesn’t offer return policies, remove them from your list. It’s a common practice for companies selling snake oil products. Never compromise your health for something cheap.

6. Check the Source and Extraction Process

Find out where the seller sources the CBD products. Do they outsource it from a different company? Or do they grow the plants in their facility?

Many CBD products come from hemp instead of marijuana. Some of the best hemp products come from Oregon, Kentucky, and Colorado. The latter offers some of the most dynamic hemp programs.

However, you will still find quality CBD products from other states. Quality lies in the CBD’s extraction process.

If it involves carbon dioxide (CO2) extraction, other compounds may also be present in the product. Some of these compounds may be harmful.

Thus, consider CBD isolates as alternatives. They extract the CBD from hemp and isolate it from other cannabinoids. In turn, they yield 99% CBD purity.

7. Go Direct

If you have the option, buy directly from retailers since they’re cheaper. Some affiliate sites have extra shipping charges.

You get more accountability from direct sources. Some unscrupulous sellers put up fake websites. They trick customers by pretending to sell legitimate brands.

Skip the huge marketplaces. These include eBay, Etsy, and Amazon. Some of these sites have problems listing CBD products accurately.

Instead of classifying the product as “CBD oil,” some sellers use “hemp oil.” It’s different from CBD oil since the seller may be referring to hemp seed oil. In this case, the product has no CBD in it.

Lastly, compare the CBD product costs. Pick three reputable sellers and compare their prices. It’s a good way to have a general idea of the average.

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Start Shopping for CBD Online Now

Following these tips makes shopping for CBD online becomes easier. You will make better choices and get the best value for your money.

However, CBD isn’t the only product that’s tricky to buy online. Learn more about online shopping to avoid falling into scams.

Are you looking for more helpful guides? Read our other posts and expand your knowledge today.

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