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7 Cleaning Tips You Won’t Be Able to Live Without

Cleaning Tips

We household owners don’t prefer to clean our house every day, but we have to do it. Apart from keeping your home tidy and organized, proper cleaning will ensure no germ buildup and keep you healthy.

But do you know you can reduce the hassle of cleaning by implementing some practical cleaning tips? Here are some effective tips to practice regularly to clean your house.

Vinegar: Affordable but User-Friendly Cleaner

Sometimes, a simple yet affordable product like vinegar can do wonders. You can use this flexible product on various household surfaces to keep them free from mildew, bacteria, and grime.

Make sure to mix vinegar with water correctly. Ideally, the ratio should be vinegar: water=1:10. You can use them to clean various household appliances. Moreover, click here to know about various DIY cleaning tips.

Get Rid Of Your Window Streaks

We use various commercial products in our household, which often causes streaks on our windows. Many people often use different cleaners to remove them. But natural solutions work better. You wash them from inside and outside and ensure no residue is left. Do it at least per week.

As an alternative to commercial products, make a blend of white vinegar, dish detergent, and water. It can ensure effective cleaning.

Remove Bad Smells from Your House

We use various items in our everyday life, which causes terrible smells inside our house. You can vanish the unwanted odour by utilizing your vacuum cleaner.

At first, get a cotton ball. Soak it properly in vanilla oil. Then enter the item inside your vacuum cleaner and switch on the machine. Use the machine to blow on those smell areas. It will give a fresh and earthy smell that will make you pleasant.

Get Rid Of Fingerprints from Walls

Kids don’t only give you happiness but also increase your chores too. They may have ruined your paint walls through fingerprints. Surprisingly, you can use a slice of soft white bread to remove these dirty marks. Add some starch on the treated spots to prevent showing up as a protective action.

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Say Bye to Countertop Stains

Kitchen countertops are often prone to have stains over time if you don’t wipe up all spills. Use diluted baking soda if you notice excessive stains. You can start using mineral oil or rubbing linseed on the wood surface. This will protect the surface for around one month.

Fix Dishwasher Clogging Issues

Improper use, iron stains, or mineral buildup may cause clogging issues in dishwashers. Eliminate this problem by adding powdered lemonade and doing an empty wash cycle. The issue will get solved due to the presence of citric acid.

Regularly Wash Your Cleaning Tool

The prerequisite of effective cleaning is to have a new cleaning tool. If your cleaning appliances are dirty, they may wear and tear fast.

Thus, regular maintenance is essential. You can make utilize warm soapy water to clean some particular cleaning tools. But you may not use water for all cleaning tools. Alternative ways need to be followed to clean them.

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