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6 Ways to Fix Your Vape from Tasting Burnt


In recent times, vaping is on an upward surge in terms of popularity. One of the reasons for this is the evolution of the devices. With the advances in technology, vaping devices have come a long way. The latest vape devices are small and discreet, offering more control over the nicotine intake and the overall vape experience.

But while vaping provides more control on the nicotine concentration, vapers often experience a burning taste and throat hit. Burnt taste is the worst feeling a vaper can experience. It delivers an awful taste, ruining your vaping experience, and can also damage your coils. 

Burnt taste can affect any vape device, so it’s essential to take all the measurable steps required to prevent it from happening. If you are also experiencing burnt taste, here are six ways to fix it and get back to enjoying your vape experience.

1. Prime Your Coils

The most common reason for burnt taste is not priming the coils correctly. Most vape enthusiasts replace the coil in haste without ensuring if it is thoroughly soaked with vape juice. This burns the coil swiftly, leaving a burnt taste from vaping.

Before installing a new coil, take time to prime it with a few drops of e-liquid at the top of the coil holes. This will prevent the coil from burning when heated. Priming is also crucial to prolong the life of the coil and getting rid of the burnt taste. 

In addition, ensure that you inspect your coils frequently for any discoloration. In case you notice a change in color or burnout, replace the coil with a new one. There are a variety of high-quality and cheap vape coils available to choose from. 

2. Adjust Your Vape Power/Watt

The advancements in technology and the customers’ ever-changing needs have changed the way vape devices are made. They now come loaded with high-power batteries, offering more control over the wattage they produce. This is ideal for vape cloud lovers for creating big, thick clouds on high wattage power. 

However, the vape coil operates under a limited power range, so vaping at high wattage can negatively impact the coil, leaving an unpleasant taste. Therefore, ensure that you vape at a lower wattage power as this will increase the coil’s longevity and prevent burnt taste.

3. Stop Chain Vaping

Most vape devices are small and portable, which might tempt you to use them often. But consistently vaping, or chain vaping, can pressure the coils for long durations and eventually burn them.  

Hence, minimize the vape duration or take time off, ideally 15-20 seconds, between successive hits. This will allow the coil to cool down and the wick to saturate, eliminating harsh blow and burnt taste. You can also lock your device between the hits, which can prevent you from chain vaping.

Prime Your Coils

4. Use the Right VG/PG Ratio Vape Juice

Vapers are often so engrossed in fixing their vape devices for a burnt taste that they forget to check their e-juice. Many times, the problem arises by using cheap e-liquids. These liquids have a higher VG to PG ratio or contain sweeteners like sucralose, making them thicker. It increases the chances of clogging the coil, drying the wick, and leading to burning.  

Knowing what type of e-juice is suitable for your vape tank and the correct PG and VG levels will prolong your tank life and avoid a burnt taste. Manufacturers often provide such information on the label of the vape tanks. To be safer, you can use vape juice with more PG as it is thinner and prevents clogging.

5. Use Temperature Control

Most vape mods and vaporizers come with temperature controls (TC). They are in-built features that allow you to select different temperatures to heat the coils. Once the coil reaches the set temperature, the batteries stop delivering power, preventing them from heating further. 

TC also prevents you from vaping on low e-liquid. This avoids dry hits, burnt coils and allows your vape device to cool. 

6. Vape on a Full Tank

Vaping on an empty, dry tank is another reason for experiencing a burnt taste. Most vapers overlook the little remaining e-liquid in the tank, which isn’t the right thing to do. Vaping on a bit of vape juice or empty tank exposes the wicking holes, resulting in the burning of the coils.

Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure your tank is full or at least a quarter full of e-liquid. Keep a spare bottle of e-liquid with you in case you are going out, as it will allow you to easily refill the tank and abstain from vaping on an empty tank.


Burnt taste is typical among new vapers who hardly know why it happens and how to fix it, resulting in throwing the vape away. But a proactive approach to protecting your coil and ensuring a full tank of e-liquid can help you resolve this issue for good. Follow these simple ways to enjoy your vaping flavors without worrying about the burnt taste.

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