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6 Moving Expenses You Need To Know Before Packing Up!

Moving Expenses You Need To Know

Moving to your new home is probably one of the best feelings one can experience. You can easily get lost in your thoughts about shiny floors, pleasant air, welcoming neighbors, and a fresh start. Or you might think about the nearest mall or your favorite restaurant that is just a few blocks away from your new home.

At the same time, you might worry about new costs such as a mortgage, property taxes, and maintenance. However, the moving expenses are the ones that will catch you by surprise. So, before you pack up for your new home, here are several moving expenses that you must consider.

Moving Supplies

Moving your personal belongings safely when shifting to your new home can be a cumbersome task. They might comprise precious and brittle items such as paintings and antiques that easily break if mishandled. Or there might be items too large enough for a one-person job. Therefore, you’ll need adequate moving supplies to ensure your belongings are secure. However, moving supplies are one of the least anticipated moving expenses.

Typically, moving supplies consist of items you need to transport your possessions and furniture to your new home conveniently. These include boxes, packing tape, ropes, and packing paper. However, you can also acquire professional moving supplies by contacting a reputable moving company for moving resources. These companies have the labor and the equipment to move your belongings safely and conveniently.

Home Cleaning Services

A thorough cleanup operation is essential whether you are moving in or out. Experts suggest performing a complete cleaning operation before moving into your new home contact Fabulously Clean House Cleaning. Because dust, allergens, and bacteria can settle in over time, it is necessary to ensure that your new home is clean. After all, ensuring that your home is adequately clean can relieve some of your stress.

The best way to keep your new home safe from bacteria, fungi, and molds is by acquiring professional home cleaning services. Cleaning companies have sophisticated equipment that can quickly eliminate potential health risks posed by various microorganisms, thus assuring your health safety. Be mindful that cleaning companies charge by the hour. Sometimes, they might even charge you, depending on the total area of your home. Therefore, the costs incurred by acquiring home cleaning services would depend on several factors, including the size and location of your home.


Painting the walls of your new home before you move in is among those few moving expenses that most homeowners don’t anticipate. Because there is no furniture or decor to move, painting walls tend to be easier and less time-consuming.

Remember that the walls of your new home might be antiquated and in need of a splash of color to make them vibrant again. You can cut down on expenses by painting it yourself while only paying for the paint and other materials.

Modern Utilities

Before moving into your new home, ensure that modern utilities such as running water, gas, and electricity are functional. Often previous homeowners disconnect utilities while moving to another place. So, it is essential to check whether all the modern utilities in your new home are up and working.

Keep in mind that you might have to pay a service fee to the utility company to reacquire any disconnected facilities. For this purpose, you can get in touch with your local utility provider to get an estimate on start-up costs and monthly services.

Internet Services

Today, internet services have become a necessity for every individual, especially those who work from home. So, as you move into your new home, you must ensure that it is equipped with internet services.

In case it’s not, you can contact your local internet service provider and schedule a service connection. Internet expenses can vary depending on multiple factors. These include the type of connection, internet speed, and service availability in the area.

Lawn Maintenance

You might think you are lucky if you move to a new home with a large lawn. The truth is that a large lawn would need proper care if you wish to see it greener. Therefore, you should include the cost of lawn maintenance in your moving budget.

Most homeowners underestimate the costs incurred by lawn maintenance and believe that it’s a one-time expense. In fact, there are several other items that you need to factor in before estimating lawn care costs. These include spraying of pesticides and fertilizers for insects and weeds.


Moving into your new home may give you joy, but it also brings hidden expenses that you don’t anticipate while moving in. As a result, it can often leave you with feelings of disappointment. However, you can offset these hidden moving expenses by forestalling them in advance. Or you can make room in your budget for moving costs such as cleaning services, paint, utilities, internet, and lawn care.

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