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6 Apple Watch Features You Didn’t Know About


After the release of the MacBook and iPhones, Apple is considered as one of the best companies to serve people with its best products and services. With its profitable beginning, the company has created devices like speakers, TVs, and watches.

And now, the company has come up with an Apple watch to provide its user’s convenience and style that contains every feature an iPhone has. With it, you get an opportunity to have an iPhone on your wrist.

The Apple watch also gives its customers an amazing fitness tracking system and stylish design that truly integrates with Apple’s ecosystem. But, before you buy Apple watch, you must know everything about the watch and its exciting features. Therefore, here is a guide that gives you an insight into the seven Apple watch features you didn’t know about.

1. Control your Apple TV

If you are wondering where your Apple remote is, then stop worrying as you have another option with which you don’t need it anymore. You can now use the Apple Watch as your TV remote and enjoy the functions on the Apple TV. To use your Apple Watch as a remote, follow the steps discussed below-

– Open the Remote app.

– Tap on the Apple TV button.

– Control the Apple TV.

– Do not forget to sign in to your Apple account before using your Apple Watch as an Apple TV remote.

2. Unlock your Mac

You can communicate with your Mac using your Apple watch without typing your password every time. Apple watch unlocks your Mac instantly and can make your work easier. You have to go to system preferences on the Mac, go to security and privacy settings, and choose to use your Apple watch to unlock the applications on your Mac device.

3. Put-call on hold

The Apple Watch can be used to answer calls when you are not using your iPhone. You can easily use the watch and switch to your iPhone to continue the call and start the conversation. And, if you want to put the call on hold, it can also be done through your Apple watch. To do this, follow these steps-

– Go to the three-dot menu when you receive a call.

– Tap to answer on the iPhone button.

– Pair your iPhone within the correct Bluetooth range.

4. Use the watch as an intercom

When everyone in your family is using Apple devices, then you have an opportunity to connect all the devices and make it work as an intercom. This helps you to communicate with the family within the home. You have to get a HomePod to use the intercom, but if you have an Apple watch, then your work becomes easier. To set the intercom network-

– Tap on the Home settings and choose the intercom.

– Connect users using Siri on the Apple watch to intercom your messages.

– Tell Siri and try to intercom your family member’s messages.

5. Take a screenshot on your Apple watch

You can easily take screenshots using your Apple watch after enabling it in the settings. This allows you to use your Apple watch to show your favorite watch and display your activity. To start taking screenshots using your Apple Watch, you have to open the Watch app on the iPhone, go to my watch settings, and select General.

Scroll and choose enable screenshots and take them using the device after pressing the side and crown buttons together.

6. Track the heart rate

For a runner, the Apple watch can do wonders. Get ready as the Apple Watch gives you a feature to record your heart rate using the device easily. Tracking the heart rate of a fitness person is popular as it lets them know the correct information about your cardiovascular health.

You now get an opportunity in seconds at your wrist with your Apple watch. Rather than checking your iPhone health app by stopping your morning run, you can now easily lift your wrist and read the heart rate. The Apple Watch works as a workout buddy for you as it monitors your 24/7 health rate even when you are sleeping.

So, this was all about what an Apple watch does for its customers and makes them feel amazed. If you are also excited about these features, then this is the time to get your Apple watch and enjoy the moments.

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