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5 Mistakes That New Business Owners Often Make

Business Owners

While you can get lots of great advice on starting a business, it is in many ways a case of trial and error. Even if the conditions are perfect, you may find it doesn’t quite take off in the way you planned. But one thing you can do is learn from others’ mistakes. Here are some of the most common mistakes that new business owners often make and how you can avoid making them yourself.

1. Not using your digital marketing budget wisely

Many small business owners invest in digital marketing early in the game, which is great. It can have a better ROI than traditional marketing, and help you keep up with the big brands. But unless you’re a digital marketing expert, you may not be using each penny wisely. It’s worth consulting with a PPC management agency who can look at your campaigns and see where adjustments need to be made. This is especially important if you’re in a competitive industry and are struggling to stand out online among your competitors. 

Some other areas of digital marketing you may need help with could include:

  • SEO – search engine optimisation – basically, this means getting to the top of the rankings
  • E-mail marketing – this can be a very effective way of reaching new customers and announcing new products and services
  • Social media – it’s important to have a social media presence, and if possible, you might want to get someone to manage it for you to save time

2. Not keeping up to date with new technology

When you work for a big business, the technology is usually updated on a regular basis, and you may not have had to think about tech in your industry before. But when you go out alone into business, you will need to learn to keep up with the latest technology so you can stay ahead of the game. There are plenty of tips online on how to master your mac, and it’s also worth keeping up to date with technological news in general, so you can think of ways to use it in your industry. 

3. Not listening to customer feedback

Another big mistake you might be making is not listening to your customers.

It’s hard to hear bad feedback sometimes, especially when you’ve built your business up. You may be tempted to take it quite personally. But you shouldn’t. Instead, you should listen to what they’re saying and think about how their situation could have been avoided. You can then put solutions in place to help avoid this kind of complaint again. The good thing about running a small business is that you are in charge, so it’s easier to make changes to improve customer experience.

4. Not asking for help in the early days

You may have a very clear vision for your new business, but that doesn’t mean you’re the only one who can deliver it. Most start-ups need some sort of help in the early days, whether it’s financial, practical, or just emotional support, so don’t feel like you’re all alone. You can find support for start-ups from a number of organizations, such as local government bodies or even trade bodies. Some banks also offer free financial advice for customers who are just starting their business, which can help get you on the right track. 

5. Getting too big, too early

Being ambitious is good, and it’s only natural you’ll want to grow your business. But think about whether now is the right time. It’s usually best to start off small and go for a gradual build-up. If your business tries to grow too big too quickly, you may find you have too many expenses and outgoings and can’t keep up with things. A slow process is much safer and ensures you don’t burn out after a year.

There are a lot of different mistakes that new business owners often make, but the good news is, you can learn from them without making them yourself. It’s hard to run a business, as it often feels quite isolating and lonely, but by following the tips above, you can learn from other business people who’ve been in the exact situation. This means your business is much more likely to be a success. 

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