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5 Food Items the Best Barbecue Restaurants Offer on Their Menu

Food Items

If you are looking for something a little different to satisfy your ever-curious taste buds, then barbecue might be just what you are looking for.

People in the New York area tend to get stuck in ruts where they eat the same foods over and over, simply because they are familiar and convenient.

Chinese take-out, pizza/Italian, deli, burgers and fries, sushi, and others tend to be on most people’s go-to list for lunch or dinner. But what about trying a barbecue restaurant Harlem? There is no reason this traditionally southern delight can’t be enjoyed in the great northeast. But what should you expect to find at a quality BBQ joint? Here are 5 examples:

1. Unique and Tasty Appetizers (BBQ Chicken Wings)

Any good restaurant will have quality appetizers and a good BBQ place is no different. Chicken wings are a big hit, with numerous franchises devoted to it as its specialty. Having them on the menu lets you get the best of both worlds in one option, while still having the entrée to look forward to.

2. Various Healthy Options (Skinless Chicken, No Sauce)

People don’t often associate barbecue with healthy eating, but that is a misconception. A chicken breast with green veggies is a great choice for anyone, no matter their eating preferences. You can also find several health-conscious, non-meat options in the next two sections.

3. Hot and Cold Sides (BBQ Beans/Potato Salad)

Although we gave you a couple of samples in the heading for this section, BBQ cuisine hangs its chef’s hat on the diverse and delicious variety of the side it offers. Other examples of tasty southern accompaniments include:

  • Steak/fresh-cut fries
  • Cole slaw
  • Mac and cheese
  • Specialty potatoes
  • Various greens
  • Many others

4. Various Vegetarian/Vegan Options (Meatless Burgers)

In addition to a plant-based burger, you can also substitute large mushrooms for the meat. This lets you enjoy all the flavors of a BBQ burger and fries while opting for the healthier choice. If you get these burgers sans cheese and mayonnaise, you can go fully vegan.

5. Slow Smoked Meats (Fall-Off-the-Bone Ribs)

When talking about a barbecue restaurant in Harlem or anywhere else, the meat will always be the star attraction. We listed smoked ribs as our example for this category, but just like the sides, we can’t leave it there. Chicken and brisket are also favorites of many BBQ aficionados, and many locations may also offer specialty meats such as beef options or pork steak/shoulder.

Visit a Barbecue Restaurant in Harlem for a Change of Pace

Now that you have an idea of what you might find on the menu at a nearby BBQ shop, why not stop in and sample how delicious and different it is from the same old foods you’ve been eating? Whether you are a carnivore or vegan, you can find something you’ll love if you visit a quality provider that cooks their meats and vegetables the right way.

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