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5 Eco Friendly Gifts For Your Sustainable Friend

Eco Friendly Gifts for your Sustainable Friend

Is it your friend’s birthday? Or, perhaps you’re shopping around for holiday gifts. If you’re looking for eco-friendly gifts for your sustainable friend, here are a few ideas of things that could make them smile while also helping the planet. Take a look:

Blue Water Bottles

It’s a fact of life; we need water. However, one of the things that cause the most adverse effects on our planet is plastic. While it may be easy to grab that plastic bottle at the gas station while out or pick one up at the gym, this is a habit that has to stop.

For your eco-friendly friend, blue water bottles that are designed with insulation to keep your water cool are the perfect gift. With various sizes, you can give them one that will ensure they’ll have cool water to drink throughout the day, so they never have to stop to buy a plastic water bottle while out. Easy-to-refill and beautiful to look at, this is an excellent gift for your friend.

Sustainable Clothing

If your friend loves style and the planet, you may want to consider how you can give them great fashion while caring about its impact on the earth. Fortunately, some great companies out there care about how they’re affecting the world we live in and practice sustainable habits in the production and selling of their clothing.

Sustainable clothing designed to last is a fabulous gift for your eco-friendly fashionista friend. From sustainable shoes to fashionable yet eco-friendly designs, take your time to find companies that are doing what they say they’re doing for the planet.

Cloth Paper Towels

Cloth paper towels are a great alternative to paper towels. If your friend just moved into a new home or is revamping their place to be more sustainable, this is the perfect gift. While it may take some adjustment to clean and reuse cloth paper towels, it’s a great alternative to the waste caused by an excess of paper and plastic. Add reusable napkins to the gift and you’ll be doing even more to make your friend smile while helping our world.

Bar shampoo and conditioner

Another fantastic gift for your friend who cares about the environment is bar shampoo and conditioner. It can be gifted in an eco-friendly bag bought from a store that offers non-packaged products, so you avoid the waste that accompanies the use of shampoo and conditioner.

There are some great natural bar hair products out there that can leave one’s hair looking incredible while also being great for the planet. These beauty products are a great gift for your eco-friendly friend that loves their mane.

Eco-friendly lunch kit

Zip-loc bags and packaged food picked up while out are not great for the environment. If your friend is back to the office and cares about what they eat and how their habits impact the planet, gifting a lunch kit with reusable essentials, including sandwich bags, forks, and spoons, can be an excellent gift for them.

There are some beautiful designs out there that also help keep food warm and can easily be cleaned so that your friend has a no-hassle, eco-friendly way of bringing their nutritional food to work.

Cloth Paper Towels

In Conclusion

From tumblers to bar soap and shampoo, there are many ways to care about the environment, especially when giving gifts to your friends. Whether you’re shopping for holiday gifts or it’s a friend’s birthday, these ideas can help you shop for the best eco-friendly presents. After all, the more people who care about the environment, the better it will be for all of us.

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