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What To Know About The 4 Global Beauty eCommerce Trends of 2021

Global Beauty eCommerce Trends

2020 can be considered as the year of change for everyone. Lifestyles, priorities, values, and expectations went through a significant shift, and almost every industry had to adapt. This redefining year has made everyone suffer significant losses; even the beauty industry is no exception. Even before the pandemic began, the makeup sector has already been falling behind. Still, it plummeted even more during the COVID-19 pandemic due to limited face-to-face gatherings and social distancing protocols.

This 2021, the beauty industry is hoping for a solid comeback to make up for its losses last year, especially for the makeup sector. Now, beauty companies have adjusted to the current trends that are redefining the beauty industry. Here’s what you need to know about the newest global beauty e-commerce trends. What is here to stay, and what is going to say goodbye? Let’s find out.

1. Diversified Beauty

If you go centuries back, you will find a lack of diversity in the beauty industry. Observing the typical models of cosmetic products, you will rarely see a woman of color representing a brand or a cosmetic line. Unfortunately, women of color spend 80% more money on cosmetics than the entire market and twice more on skincare products. If you imagine how these women settle for two to three shades that only work for their skin, it’s saddening and insulting at the same time.

Fortunately, many beauty companies are recognizing the lack of support for women of color. The beauty world is slowly shifting to a more diversified industry to cater to the needs of WOC. Even with slow progress, it is excellent news for people of color. It might be only a trend now, but it will surely redefine the beauty industry and become the new norm.

2. Sustainable Beauty

The push for sustainable beauty has been around for quite a few years now, but not every company is riding with it. However, people choosing ethical and sustainable beauty products might force them to adjust. Some beauty brands are slapping cruelty-free, vegan-friendly, and eco-friendly tags on their products for quite some time, only to find out that they are not.

Fortunately, most consumers are now knowledgeable about the ingredients that are used in making beauty products. If you want to support sustainable beauty, you can explore Korean products as many Korean brands are eco-friendly. You can also find affordable wholesale Korean skincare sites to get your supplies from, as these products are high-quality and authentic.

3. Beauty Tech

Beauty tech has been around for decades, but the pandemic has emphasized its benefits, which is the reason why more and more cosmetic companies are utilizing it in their systems. Effective analysis of consumer behaviors, in-demand products, and buying patterns are just some of its capabilities.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, beauty e-commerce platforms relied on AR/VR technology to give their consumers the closest experience they can get from brick-and-mortar stores. Of course, it still has limitations, as smelling and feeling a particular product are factors we need to consider before purchasing any beauty product. Still, beauty tech will continue to improve, especially on personalization, products, and advanced algorithms.

4. Natural Beauty

Natural beauty can mean a lot of things, may it be for products or yourself. COVID-19 has taught most people not to neglect their overall health despite their busiest schedules. The natural beauty trend speaks about embracing and enhancing your bare beauty and shifting from beauty products made with natural ingredients. This trend goes hand in hand with the sustainable trend, as more people are becoming aware of many toxic ingredients and practices that companies use to make products in the market.

Korean beauty has been in the limelight for a while now, and many Korean skincare enthusiasts are into natural beauty and natural products that Korean skincare is famous for. For this year and the following years, this beauty trend will likely define the beauty industry.

The Takeaway

Beauty trends are ever-changing, and understanding every trend that comes and goes is crucial for your business. Keeping up-to-date with the trends and understanding why the customers are into it can make your business more relevant. Maximize your profits by looking out for sustainable, natural, and diversified beauty products and utilizing advanced technologies that you can use to enhance your site.

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