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5 Cool T-Shirt Trends To Try This Summer

T-Shirt Trends To Try This Summer

Have plenty of tee shirts of myriad variations in your wardrobe? But as the new season comes, none of them seems to be fashionable anymore? Yes, we know that feeling. We have been there too. And that’s why we know it’s a sign that you need to revamp your wardrobe; that it’s time you dump your old lettuce-trim and tie-dye tees and take the new trends to your heart to look à la mode this summer.

Fashion is an ever-changing phenomenon. Depending on the whims and fancies of celebrities, designers, and influencers, the trends change every year. And so does the design, the fabric, the material, and the appearance. So, it’s better to stay updated about the drifts in the fashion industry before purchasing a new dress.

If that makes you wonder where to find the latest designer tees or graphic tees, we have taken care of that too. Threadheads is your one-stop destination for the latest tee-shirts and pairing accessories. You can find cool graphic tees, anime tees, themed tees, and special Christmas t-shirts in one place.

To ease you into the summer vibe, we did some market research and picked the best summer wardrobe collections for you. In this article, we are specifically focusing on five fabulous t-shirt trends that will rule this year’s summer. 

Basic Tee-shirt: –

First things first, a basic unicolor tee shirt is a style statement in itself. It is chic, elegant, and classy in a cool sort of way. Depending on how you wear it or with which garments you pair it, a basic tee shirt without any text or extra frills can be your office wear as well as casual wear.

Slip-on a simple cotton white top and pair it with black trousers and low heel mules. Or if you want to go for a modish look, swap the trousers with shorts or jeans and the low heels with fancy shoes. Charming, right?

Oversize tees: –

Summer is the perfect time to flaunt the oversized boxy tees. They are cool, comfortable, and breezy. Going for a beach ride with your BFF or casual dining out with your colleagues? Boxy tees fit all the occasions. You can tuck them inside high-waisted jeans or even sport one with shorts. So, yes, it’s time to ditch those padded shoulder tees and embrace the summer vibe. 

Protest T-shirts:

The world is going through a turbulent time- racial injustice, gender discrimination, political violence plagues the earth. As if those weren’t enough, climate change and global warming threaten our very existence.

But people are standing against injustices and demanding their rights. Fashion designers, celebrities, and models are showing support to various social movements through their graphic T-shirts. A graphic T-shirt with a slogan or a symbol of protest is a great way to showcase your solidarity with people from different nationalities and diverse cultural backgrounds. 

Band T-shirts: –

Every band and musician had to stop their international tours due to Covid. The situation is still far from normal in many countries. But that should not deter you from sporting your favorite band T-shirt.

So what your favorite band or your hip-hop artist is not coming to your country for their album tour? You can buy your favorite band merchandise online to show your love for your favorite artist. Stay assured that band tees will never be a passe. 

Vintage Graphic Tees: –

90s fashion is making a comeback, folks! A sullen year of Covid and lockdowns have elevated the vintage graphic tees to a new standard.

Who would have thought, right? But the market trend tells us those kitsch tees that were once discarded for their gaudy colors are becoming the new hip this year. You can still find them at any streetside shop or purchase them online. The older they look, the better!

Whatever the designs, cuts, and silhouettes, one thing is crystal clear- T-shirts are going to reign supreme this summer. From witty one-liners that give everyone a chuckle to making a powerful statement, T-shirts have become the ubiquitous summer tops. Follow our blog to keep yourself updated with the latest trends in T-shirt designs. We are here to get you in the summer groove!

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