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5 Compelling Reasons to Compress PDF File

Compress PDF

Yes, PDF (Portable Document Format) can be too large, if it is mainly packed with plenty of image content and non-standard fonts. When it comes to PDF, one thing is clear that the file should look the same no matter whatever device you use to open the particular document file. As an outcome, people commence with reducing PDF size without affecting the quality of the images and different other elements contained herein. Even they use an online PDF compressor to compress PDF without sacrificing the quality. 

No doubt that people should beware of handling PDFdrive because not only do large document file sizes consume lots of memory but also prevent you from sending emails. Thus, here we are going to tell you a few compelling reasons why PDF compression is essential for your PDFs. Before knowing those reasons, let’s start with the basics of PDF compression, read on!

What is PDF Compression?

While Adobe PDF documents are relatively small, they still are able to be compressed to take up very little memory space. When you are going to deal with large quantities of files that require storing and sharing, this is where you need to compress PDF with a PDF compressor. 

Well, if you want to maintain the PDF file’s quality and structure, then the most preferred method of compression is known as “lossless compression”. This method entirely ensures that your PDF document does not lose any information when it’s compressed. So, how does a PDF compressed without suffering from a loss of data? Don’t free, for lossless PDF compression, you could try free PDF compressor by that compress PDF file size without distorting the layout and element of your PDF document file. 

Effective Email Transmission:

Yes, we people are living in a globe where we use certain technology for sharing and receiving information. The time comes when we send and receive information, the limitation issue arises like file sizes. For instance, Gmail only lets you attach files below 25MB. This is where you need to compress PDF with the help of an online PDF compressor prior to any email attachment. 

You can see that PDF files are usually large, so the only way to send these files via email is to compress the document. So, simply get the PDF compressor from an authorized source of the that allows you to compress PDF size at an optimal level within no time. Don’t fret as compressing PDF lets you decrease the document file size as small as possible while keeping the overall quality of the content high. 


Compressing PDF file documents is something that allows you to add password protection to sensitive documents. You have to get the tool that features AES encryption through which you not only set a password for your PDFs but also control what gets encrypted and who has access to view and edit your sensitive information contained herein. 

Faster Downloads:

You can find that there are still innumerable countries and areas around the globe that have a slow internet connection. No doubt individuals and business departments preferred good internet speed when sending files since more MB’s indicates that it will take longer for the document to download. And, if you have a large PDF document and want to share your business concerns, then it’s ideal to use a PDF compressor to swiftly compress PDF right now. 

Although if your PDF documents are up to 50MB or 100MB is not much of a problem when downloading, when it comes to sending, the pop-error occurs (file size is too large). This is why you need to compress PDF with the assistance of a PDF file compressor. 


When using compress pdf with the help of an online PDF compressor, it mainly uses a lossless compression algorithm to compress pdf file size as much as possible without distorting the quality. Bear in mind using online pdf compressing tools allow you to send PDF document files back and forth effectively. Moreover, you could easily access them outside the workplace and even also transfer the file by using a smart device to another. 

Save Computer Space and Cloud Storage:

Bear in mind that computer memory can be very expensive – and when it comes to multiple PDF files, it is a daunting factor that could take up so much of your system’s memory. This is why you ought to compress PDF with the help of a PDF compressor because if your PC’s memory starts to fill up, the overall performance of your system also decreases. 

On the other hand, nowadays there are innumerable businesses that account with cloud storage to store all of their documents. Keeping that in mind, investing in extra storage is entirely referred to as a waste of expenses when you can compress PDF by using a free PDF compressor online. 

Why Bother Compressing PDFs?

Yes, compressing PDF file size without sacrificing the content sounds good and all, but why it is essential if these files are typically small, to begin with? Well, believe it or not, there are some remarkable benefits to compressing PDF. If you or your organization going to handle large quantities of data, pdf compression with a PDF compressor is a must thing to consider. Also, there are a lot of confusion as to how to change our word file to pdf, So You can use sodapdf to change your word to pdf file’


However, there are innumerable numbers of reasons why you have to compress PDF file size, but the above-mentioned reasons are essential to discuss why you should always compress PDF document files. So, whenever you have large PDF files, it’s the best to upload it into an online PDF compressor that compress PDF within a couple of seconds, then use it according to your concerns.

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