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14 Prominent Tech Companies Based in San Francisco

Prominent Tech Companies

No one can deny the significance of the City by the Bay as the world’s foremost technology hub. Neither can we refute that San Francisco houses several of the most extensive organizations globally. So, for those looking for a career in technology or those looking to move further up the ladder, the city will welcome you with open arms! If you’ve made up your mind, Cirtru, the most trusted roommate finder in the United States, will help you find a room for rent in San Francisco.

In other words, you’ll be happy to know that San Francisco boasts many tech companies that are as competent as Adobe and Google, where you can learn and grow. Let’s explore 14 of them for your benefit:

1. Dropbox

Dropbox was founded by two students from MIT in 2007 and is now giving other companies a run for their money in the cloud-sharing space, helping to store more than 400 billion content pieces till now! The company’s core business revolves around file sharing, storage solutions, and collaboration. Its yearly revenue totals $1.5 billion, and it’s looking for more ways to earn money with its numerous acquisitions.

2. Square

Square, founded in 2009, shares tools required to operate a business end-to-end, whether it involves investing in small businesses or helping them acquire devices necessary for credit card purchases made by customers. The company has its presence in Canada, the USA, the UK, Japan, and Australia. Its yearly revenue amounts to $3.9 billion and it’s busy buying other companies! CashApp, an application used to share and receive funds, is a pretty well-known creation!

3. Uber

Once a crowdfunding startup, Uber has come a long way and is now the proud owner of the most used ridesharing app in the world. Thanks to Uber, transportation has gained a new perspective since its inception and has benefitted millions of customers. The company’s presence is felt across 600 cities globally, with a yearly revenue totaling $12.7 billion!

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4. Salesforce

A cloud-based customer relationship management platform based in San Francisco, Salesforce is renowned not only for the perks it offers its employees but also for the way it treats them. In other words, the company has a culture that people trip over each other to work for! The organization is always excited to hire competent and able candidates for their positions. To that end, it has set up the Futureforce University Recruiting Program that gives opportunities to undergraduates and graduates to pursue programs that might help them fit into relevant company profiles.

5. Visa

For over 60 years, Visa has been around primarily for its ability to create and innovate. By doing so, it has changed the course of digital banking and is at the helm of the most extensive retail electronic payments network globally! VisaNet, its global processing network, handles payments that are safe and trusted worldwide, not to mention tackles 65,000 transaction messages every second! As with every big company, it has 14 big organizations on its list of acquisitions!

6. Slack Technologies

Slack Technologies, founded in 2009, uses technology to help companies and teams collaborate and access critical information and other applications to get a job done. The company has offices in 10 cities globally and has a yearly turnover of $579.9 million. The companies on its acquisition list include Astro Technology, Stride, and HipChat, among others!

7. Splunk

Splunk is a software company set up in 2003 and creates operational intelligence software to monitor, analyze, and report machine learning data instantaneously. It helps organizations get a sense of where they stand commercially and use the data to make changes to meet goals. Finally, courtesy of Splunk, companies are also motivated to acquire technologies that can help them stay ahead of their competitors. The company is proud of its 12,000 customers and 110 offices worldwide and has a yearly turnover of $2 billion!

8. Stitch Fix

Katrina Lake wanted to help people obtain clothes they prefer to wear and feel comfortable in. She wanted to achieve her goal using technology and the opinions of fashion experts, so she came up with Stitch Fix in 2011. Katrina started her business from the comfort of her own home, shipping orders across the country. Over time, the business flourished, and it now has three offices in the USA. Besides a yearly turnover of $2.7 billion, the company has an online footfall of over 5 million!

9. Twitter

Founded in 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone, Noah Glass, and Evan Williams, Twitter is a social networking site that allows people worldwide to interact, discuss, debate, learn, share, and resolve issues. It has a yearly turnover of $3.3 billion and 30 offices globally. If you’re a Twitter user, you may know that it’s per month visitors run into billions!

10. Yelp

Established in 2004, Yelp is a platform people use to share reviews and recommendations about their experiences with local businesses with others to help them make the right choices. Thanks to Yelp users, the site has published around 155 million reviews for everything ranging from eateries to salons since it was founded! The company has a yearly revenue of $967.7 million. TurnStyle Solutions and Eat24 appear on its list of acquisitions.

11. Zendesk

Zendesk creates sales, support, and customer engagement software for boosting customer service relationships. Its customer service platform is efficient enough to meet the requirements of startups and more extensive organizations. Founded in 2007 by three friends from Copenhagen, it has 15 offices across the globe. Additionally, the company has over 10,000 customer accounts! Finally, it has a yearly turnover of $703.1 million.

12. AppDynamics

Set up in 2008, AppDynamics oversees the performance and availability of applications in cloud computing environments and within the data center. One thing that stands out about the company is that its employees come from different cultural communities, and over 30 percent of them are female! In a word, the company has a yearly revenue of $143.8 million.

13. Atlassian

Founded in 2002, Atlassian is an Australian software company that makes project management, content management, and applications software development products. The company has since explored other areas and set up offices in Mountain View and San Francisco. Atlassian offers many perks to its employees. First, it has flexible schedules to allow employees to work and play. Second, it provides professional growth opportunities and sponsors them for employees! Last but not least, the company believes in social responsibility and gives its employees five days off annually to work with charitable organizations of their choice!

14. Eventbrite

Eventbrite, set up in 2006, is an event management and ticketing portal. The company’s well on its way to becoming a top player in the event industry, having run 3.9 million events in 170 countries in 2018! Besides catered lunch that’s free, the company allows its employees to take time off whenever they need to so that they don’t feel burned out. Finally, if you’re a dog lover, you’ll get to meet 57 pet dogs and spend some quality time with them. Who knows, someday you might get to bring your own pet to this great workplace!

So, do you have a company you wish to work for in mind? We bet you do! While there are opportunities galore in and around San Francisco, we’d suggest that before you decide to put your best foot forward and apply to these organizations, take a moment to assess your own credentials and see where you stand. You stand a better chance if you upskill yourself by taking up a certification course or a professional course such as business management. So, go for it! Good luck!

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