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10 Essentials Fashion Accessories for Men

Fashion Accessories for Men

Men aren’t the most fashionable people globally, or so has the rumor been for years. But that notion is fast changing with men taking up fashion moves that shake the landscape. With men, though, the fashion essentials are pretty much the same.

Unlike women, men tend to lean towards the same fashion ideas with different shades. The same can be said about accessories and how they can pull them off in different looks. Below are some essentials for fashion accessories that men can pull off.


Not many men think of their wallets as fashion models, but they should. The same way women would accessorize with handbags of porches; you should look at wallets the same. Men only have one wallet in most cases, which is a fashion mistake.

It would help if you had several wallets to play around with and match them with other wears. And it isn’t all about a color alone in this scenario; you need to also look at the designs and sizes. It will give you different feelings for the different occasions you plan to attend.

Most people don’t have different wallets because they may forget some items after taking them off. But if you are a fan of jewelry, you can have the components of the wallet kept close to your 14k gold Rope chains. You can then return them in the next wallet when you put them on the chains.

Some of the wallet ideas you need to look at include

  • Hipster
  • Card case
  • Trifold
  • Bifold
  • Zipper

You need to also lean towards quality when you are searching for the right wallet.


Another great idea you need to look at when it comes to accessorizing has got to watch. It would help if you had something that won’t take up too much attention here. If it’s subtle, the better off it will be as it will be enough to be noticed without taking away from you.

With watches, you need to ensure they match up with whatever you have on that particular day. The belts on the watch need to match the shoes in an ideal world. But when it’s all-metal, you need to ensure that it matches the other jewelry you have on.

For example, if you have a white gold rope chain, you need to ensure that your watch matches it. It doesn’t need to be a white gold watch; you can even have silver on to match up the whole concept you’re pulling.

Statement Shoes

Shoes aren’t the ideal fashion accessories; they are, in most cases, a massive part of fashion. But with statement shoes, the idea is different; they are there to make a statement. These shoes need to stand out without being too flashy for the fashion.

Some of the ideas you can use for statement shoes include

  • Brogues
  • Derby shoes
  • Oxfords


Chains are some of the best jewelry to accessorize your fashion. You need to ensure you have the right ones on at the right time. You don’t want to have too many chains when you walk into a corporate event and look like you want to rob the place.

Chains are determined mainly by the occasion and what you’ll wear there. And the good thing is that you can couple them with pendants to bring in a new concept. For example, if you are going for a casual event, you won’t be out of place to have a 14K Gold Jesus pendant on your chains.


Any trendy man that doesn’t have sunglasses as part of his fashion accessory is a pretender. This isn’t all about fashion either; there are other uses that sunglasses may give you. You can use the glasses for protection against the sun, which pulls out great fashion ideas.

The good thing about sunglasses is that you can get them in prescriptions. Those are trendy ones that can match your white gold rope chain and still serve the intended purpose. And you can have plenty of sunglasses to switch up with different looks.


Ideally, rings are all about symbolizing parts of life, but they can have them as fashion accessories for men. Here, you want them to be in tandem with other jewelry you have. For example, if you have your 14k gold rope chains on, you want the rings to match them.

Duffle Bags

Forget about the wallets for a minute. Do you know that duffle bags can help with your fashion sense? When carrying a duffle bag on that specific day, you don’t need to forget your fashion sense. The right bag will help improve the fashion idea you have put up.

It would be best if you simply had different types of duffle bags, which will serve other purposes when you head out. When you carry your laptop in a sophisticated duffle bag or briefcase, you need to ensure it isn’t for the sake of it.

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Leather Belts

Belts are also a massive part of your fashion – whether you have them on or not. Ideally, no man should leave the house without a belt unless you have sweatpants on. And it would help if you had different belts to help you blend with the different looks you pull off.


Socks may be underrated, but they can bring a new dimension to how your dressing comes up on that day. Today, people are looking more into happy socks, and for a good reason, they bring in color to the socks. You won’t have a dull look anymore with them.

Having different shades of socks will give you a vast field to play around with. You can also see through any fashion idea you want on any day.


With hats, you have a variety that you can look up. Each one has a different purpose and different casual events you may be attending. Hats are, though, frowned upon in most office setups.


Every man needs to have some accessories to match their fashion. With the ideal accessory, the look will come alive in no time. The above accessories can help you pull off and enhance any look you want to regardless.

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