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Your Ultimate Wedding Checklist 2023

Wedding Checklist

A wedding is undoubtedly the most significant and intimate affair in anyone’s life. On this day, you want to have everything on the right track. What triggers you that leads to the sudden adrenaline rush is the unorganized plans at the eleventh hour. To help you and sort out the last-minute worries, here is the ultimate wedding checklist 2023 for you:

Are your wedding dates knocking on the door? It is smart to start destination wedding planning six to twelve months prior to D-day. What you should keep on top of your checklist are:

Your Budget Is Everything

Anxiety and excitement rise as soon as the most awaited day of your life has a firm date. How much do you want to spend on catering, your wedding set, transportation, decoration, and finally, on the honeymoon trip? Finding the answer to all these questions as soon as possible is the best move for you. Break things down at the ground level at the start from scratch.

Remember: Do not forget to have funds for last-moment additions and liquid cash because you never know.

How Many Guests Are Invited?

Now that you have your budget list ready, the next step is to finalize the guest list. Whom should you invite with their full family, whom should you invite one member per family, and whom should you not? You should categorize the list under headings like family, relatives, friends, colleagues, neighbors, mutual friends, or acquaintances.

Did You Select Your Dream Destination Yet?

Marriage is a one-time affair in most couple’s life. Every couple wants to make it a larger-than-life moment, and the wedding venue makes it a larger-than-life moment. However, getting your dream venue on that specific date might stay a dream only if you do not wake up today. Go ahead and book it 10-12 months before the date.

Keep in mind the estimated number of guests attending the event while keeping in mind the crucial elements such as location, ambiance, space, and venue size.

If you are planning for a destination wedding, the execution can be a daunting affair. To make things easy and smooth, you must hire someone for your destination wedding planning. That is when Wedding Chiefs comes for your assistance. From a tiny private arrangement to a gala party night, Wedding Chiefs hold the expertise.  

Finalise Your Caterer

Make sure a venue offers catering before choosing it. If not, get in touch with the best caterers in the region and pick one for your special occasion! The wedding is a huge success if the cuisine is delicious. Experiment with the cuisines, and try to offer the guests an experience like never before. If you want to be safe, test the tried-and-true options. 

Checkout The Latest Trends

Event management is constantly under change. Today, so much creativity is waving across the wedding management industry, from your wedding outfits to your wedding cards. At this point, the best course of action is to put your foot down, sit down, and conduct some study on the different themed invitation cards you can have, the photography ideas you can plan out, and above all, the overall theme of your wedding. You might find something that immediately catches your attention and makes your wedding the most distinctive event ever!

You should keep a few more points on top of your priority list when the last three to five months are left.

Before Three To Five Months

Is Your Wedding Invitation Ready?

Just three more months are left, and now the foremost thing is your wedding invitation. Every factor about the invitation defines how lavish and glorious your D-day will be. The color and content are the ultimate kingmakers. Your color selection of the invitation can depict the color theme of your wedding day. 

Did You Contact A Photographer & Videographer

Your D-day is incomplete if you do not capture them forever in your memories. After all, that’s one of the most important days in a couple’s life. If you are left with three to five months, prioritize the selection of a photographer and videographer.

While candid photography has become increasingly popular, many still approach the traditional one. Do not forget what themed photography you are expecting from your cameraman. If it is old-fashioned or candid, book the photographer and videographer quickly. 

What’s There For Entertainment?

What is a wedding without good food and great music? Therefore, you had better not forget to keep those huge loudspeakers on the checklist. Additionally, to spice up the day and make it worth remembering, you can invite a famous rock band or singer celebrity. The best way to get started is to get a list of the top bands currently playing and reserve one early. To ensure that each guest is engaged during the ceremony, having dancers can be a great inclusion.

Who Is Your Makeup Artist?

A wedding is incomplete without a makeup artist, like food, music, and theme. A makeup artist is indispensable to add that ultimate charm to make a bride the brightest star. Not only does the bride require an artist, the groom too deserves to put up the best of his look for D-day. 

You must agree on the team’s dates to avoid going awry before the big day. Get quotes from shortlisted ones if you have any, and then reserve the best quickly.

Let Your Special Day be Top Notch

Planning and preparing for everything will help you not to freak out on the ultimate day. Prior planning with a tick on those mentioned above (many more points) checklist can be the ultimate savior.

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