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Why Use A Time Card App to Track Employee Hours?

Track Employee Hours

Using a time tracking solution can help you avoid costly payroll mistakes and streamline your time and attendance tracking processes. Not to mention it can help you stay labor law compliant and can increase employee productivity! While a job clock can help you manage your employee’s time, it is not a one-size-fits-all solution. 

There are a variety of different time card apps that have different uses. Some focus on employee accountability, while others concentrate on payroll streamlining. Regardless of your specific needs, however, it’s essential to choose the right one for your business.

If your business uses Microsoft Teams and needs time tracking, timesheet software perfectly integrates with Teams and allows users to post meetings directly to their timesheet.

We’ll go over some of the main reasons to use a time card app to track employee time and attendance and how they can benefit your company and team.

What is a time card app? 

A timesheet management app is an indispensable tool for every business. It not only allows employers to monitor their employees’ hours, but it also helps companies improve their performance and lower costs. The software can also help companies increase their employee productivity and decrease overhead. 

A Look At The Main Benefits

There are many benefits to using a modern time card app to track employee time and attendance. However, there are three main benefits that businesses, both small and large, can look forward to by investing in a modern time tracking solution.

Control Labor Costs With Ease

Labor costs make up a significant portion of your total budget—nearly 50% for those in the service industry! And out-of-control overtime can cause your labor costs to skyrocket even more. 

A timekeeper app is a helpful tool for any business to control labor costs. It will prevent employees from clocking in early, remind them to clock out when they leave and keep track of hours worked. It will also alert you when employees are approaching overtime.

With a good time card program, you will have better visibility of your labor costs. You can see exactly how much your employees are costing you and break it down by department and role. This information will be beneficial when planning your schedule and budget.

Pay Employees On Time

Workers rely heavily on their pay being distributed on time and in the correct amount—this allows them to plan their lives accordingly and stay on track with their finances. Data has shown that an employee will search for a new job after receiving two incorrect or late paychecks.

A time card app is an invaluable tool for processing payroll that can save you time and reduce the chances of human errors. Employee time tracking data is automatically transferred to your payroll provider. Then it’s just a matter of cross-referencing the data to ensure that everything transferred correctly.

With time clock software, you can easily sync employee time cards with your payroll system and get your employees’ paid on the same day and in the correct amount!

Stay Compliant With Labor Laws

A manual time tracking and payroll process require, at a minimum, three people to touch each employee’s timecard and create a paycheck. It presents an opportunity for error and creates a considerable risk for fraud. 

In a traditional paper-based time tracking system, each employee completes their own time card. Errors are common in this situation, resulting in time card details being inaccurate. Employees’ hours are often missed or overestimated, which is a significant source of labor law violations.

An employee time card app automatically records working hours, including overtime. The system can store and print employee timesheets, eliminating duplicate data entry and reducing the risk of time tracking errors. With automatic time tracking, you can also improve employee accountability. As a result, you’ll be less likely to have a wage and hour lawsuit and DOL intervention.

Other Features to Consider

Every team time tracking solution will come with its own set of features, but there are specific features that every business can benefit from. If you’re considering an online timecard system, then be sure to look for one with the following features.

  • Integrations. In addition to integrating with your payroll provider, the solution you choose should also integrate with project management software and client payment processing systems.
    Most time, tracking systems don’t have these features built-in, so the integrations are a necessity to keep your systems talking to one another and business operations running as smoothly as possible.
  • Access. In an ever-changing business landscape, it’s imperative to invest in a time card app that allows for flexible yet controlled access.

    Most time tracking solutions allow you to specify precisely where employees can track time from—whether from home, on-site, or multiple locations.
  • Support. Another critical aspect of time clock software is its customer support. A quality solution offers several channels for customer support, so you should decide which one is the most important.

    You can also look for reviews of the product and its customer support to see whether previous customers were satisfied with it.
  • Usability. Investing in a time tracking app with an easy-to-navigate interface is essential. Using a complex interface can be counterproductive—resulting in inaccurate time tracking data and frustrated workers.

    By implementing a time card tracker that is easy to use, you can more quickly train employees, reduce the chances of errors occurring, and ensure that everyone understands how their time is being spent.

Using a time card app can save your business a lot of time. You don’t have to spend countless hours entering information into a spreadsheet. Instead, you can use a mobile application that does the work for you. 

With the right app, you can easily manage your employee’s timesheets and automate your payroll. You’ll get a complete and accurate picture of every single employee’s working hours without the need for excessive oversight.

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