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Why Should You Be Taking Probiotics?


I have heard some people say things like, “Consuming probiotics is taking bacteria in your body, don’t!” It sounds kind of scary, right? Well, you don’t have to be so naïve about this whole thing and miss out on some great health benefits. No doubt, probiotics are bacteria, but the question is “what type?” We have the good bacteria (probiotics) and the bad bacteria (pathogens) living in our bodies.  

In fact, our gut, specifically the colon, houses millions of bacteria, which helps to break down indigestible food materials that made it through the small intestine. This results in the release of vitamins and good fatty acids into the body. So you see, your body needs bacteria to function properly.

But we want to focus on probiotics because these are the good guys that offer you a plethora of health benefits.  

What are the benefits of taking probiotics?

First, let’s define probiotics properly. In simple words, probiotics are live microorganisms that support a healthy balance of gut bacteria and confer health benefits.

Have you ever eaten foods like sauerkraut, kefir, yogurt, pickles, miso, and other fermented foods? If so, then it means you’ve already taken probiotics in the past. But did you notice any negative effect? Most likely No, and that’s because these foods are loaded with the good bacteria. 

Sometimes, medical experts recommend that you take fermented foods or add probiotic supplements to your diet to resolve digestive issues such as bloating, flatulence, indigestion, and more. That’s because probiotics support a healthy digestive system.

But most times, we run short of these good bacteria in our gut, probably due to inadequate consumption of probiotic foods or the use of antibiotics amongst other causes.

You may be wondering, “Did you just say antibiotics affect the load of probiotics in the body?” Yes it does! Well, antibiotics are aimed to clear the bad bacteria out of our body, but unfortunately, sometimes, these drugs end up taking out a lot of the good bacteria as well.

So the question is, “how do you achieve a healthy balance of gut bacteria in this case?” The best measure has been to take probiotic supplements in adequate amounts in your diet.

What are the benefits you stand to gain? I’ll keep it simple for you here; below are some benefits of taking probiotics:

1.       Probiotics help to keep the “bad bacteria” at bay, thereby preventing infection.

2.       Probiotics may work for diarrhea caused by infections or antibiotics.

3.       Probiotics help to boost the immune system.

4.       Probiotics help to reduce allergies and inflammation.

Do you want to know more? Go on and read about the detailed health benefits of taking probiotics. – You’ll get a clearer picture of the enormous benefits probiotics to offer.

Why should you be taking probiotics?

No one has a perfect microbiome, so supporting your gut bacteria is a great idea to boost your immune system and stay healthy.

You will agree with me that you do not eat perfectly all the time. I mean you do not always eat fermented foods, prebiotic foods, fiber, fruits, and vegetables.

So, taking probiotic supplements is a good way to supply your body with good bacteria to maintain good health all the time.

More so, if you have any specific digestive needs – from bloating to gas, and constipation, you can take a targeted probiotic supplement to resolve the issue.

For example, studies have shown that taking a combination of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria is a good way to ease bloating in people with that particular gut challenge.

Different probiotic strains have their own unique functions, so you may consider discussing with your healthcare provider to pick the most suitable choice for you.

Useful tips to pick the right probiotic source

It is not far-fetched that there are so many brands and types of probiotics out there, and if you’re not careful, you may pick the wrong product. But here’s how to stay on track.

If you’re a newbie to probiotics, you may consider taking a general diverse product – this will surely be effective. Ideally, it is important to diversify our gut microbiome.

Most times, people do well with Bifidobacterium strains, Lactobacillus, and Saccharomyces boulardii.

However, you should always choose quality products that come with a certificate of analysis, products with a good-shelf life, and strains that are well researched. To save you the stress of searching, you can check a collection of quality organic products from Cobionic.

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