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Discover the Charm: Why Old-school Chakki Atta is a Must-have!

Discover the Charm: Why Old-school Chakki Atta is a Must-have!

Gone are the days when people used to rely on their traditional ways. Now modern technology is dominating our lives and food. However, it is essential to be grounded in wisdom and not forget old-school chakki atta. The traditional ways of milling atta are not compromised. It brings freshness, high nutritional value, no involvement of preservatives, etc. to our plates. Whereas commercially refined atta or technologically made flour loses its goodness and natural composition. People understanding this are trying to get back to their roots by adopting traditionally milled chakki atta.

Why Buy Traditional Chakki Atta Over Commercially Refined Atta?

Amaranth Flour (Freshly Milled)

Chakki atta is prepared with a traditional grinding process. It is called the stone-grinding method. There is involvement of whole grain stone where the stone grinds slowly. During the process, the wheat germ doesn’t get exposed to severe temperatures, and germ oil gets distributed evenly. Plus, the freshness, texture, sweetness, nutty flavour, and nutritional value of chakki atta remain intact.

What Is Interesting About Chakki Atta? Know The Benefits Of It.

The nutritional goodness, use of traditional stone mills, use of wheat kernels, natural composition, etc., make traditional chakki atta interesting. There are an ample number of benefits to chakki atta, like:

High nutritional value 

The traditional chakki atta, compared to the refined atta, holds more of the wheat’s nutrients like bran, germ, endosperm, etc. Chakki atta offers the benefits of fibre, vitamins, minerals, etc. It is a healthier option than machine-made atta. Industrial flour separates all the important nutrients after the process is done.

No loss of important oils

Bansi Wheat flour (with Chokhar)

The stone grinding process involved in making chakki atta keeps the important oils intact. It helps in offering a better aroma and taste while making rotis or chapatis. However, the technologically made atta involves high-speed rolling affecting the essential oils of the flour.

Apt milling temperature

While preparing chakki atta, milling temperature holds importance. A milling temperature of around 60 degrees C or higher can destroy the essential vitamins in the atta. The chakki atta with stone grinding process involves 40-60 degrees C temperature. However, the roller-based atta involves a temperature of around 90 degrees C.

Unique qualities

Organic atta, or chakki atta, is known for its unique qualities like freshness, mild flavours, fibrous texture, etc. However, machine-milled atta doesn’t have any unique qualities. You can smell the natural aroma of chakki atta that’s missing in refined flours.

How To Get Your Hands On The Finest Chakki Atta By Earthy Tales?

Organic Rice Four

Wheat chakki atta milled using the traditional grinding process has dietary fibre, vitamins, iron, magnesium, etc. It allows you to maintain a healthy diet without giving up on nutrients. Earthy Tales, India’s one of the leading organic food stores online, helps you buy traditional chakki atta from the comfort of your home, along with pan-India delivery. You can get 100% natural and chemical-free whole wheat flour online with Earthy Tales. The traditional and organic flour is milled using 100% organic whole grains while empowering over 700 Indian farmers and saving the environment. The unmatched flavour, nutrients, etc. of organic wheat atta will allow you to lead a healthy life without worrying a little. The best part is you can also explore a wide range of organic foods at the store, including Himalayan wild organic honey, and many more to add organic nutrients to your kitchen and daily diet.

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