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Who is Tom Hanks’s Granddaughter ‘Michaiah Hanks’?

When a celebrity kid is born into a famous family like Tom Hanks’, it’s natural for them to attract attention and curiosity from the public. Michaiah Hanks, Tom Hanks’ granddaughter, is no exception.

As a member of the Hanks family, whose name is synonymous with talent and charisma in Hollywood, Michaiah finds herself in the midst of attention and curiosity from fans and media alike. It’s a common occurrence for celebrity kids to bask in the limelight due to their famous parents and grandparents, and Michaiah is no exception. Even at a tender age, she has already captured the hearts of many, becoming the apple of people’s eyes.

In this article, we aim to quench the thirst for information about Michaiah’s life and provide a glimpse into her extraordinary world. Join us as we delve into the background, upbringing, and experiences that have shaped Michaiah Hanks, giving you an exclusive look into the life of this remarkable celebrity child. So, buckle up and stay with us until the end to discover all there is to know about the delightful Michaiah Hanks.

Michaiah Hanks

Who is Michaiah Hanks?

The American celebrity kid Michaiah Hanks was born in August 2016. However, the exact date of her birth is not known to us yet. She is the daughter of Chester and Tiffany Hanks. Her parents are of different ethnicities. Her father belongs to Bulgarian, Greek, and English ethnicity while her mother is an Afro-Asian. Talking about the physical appearance of the baby, as mentioned earlier Michaiah Hanks has taken over her mother’s beautiful looks. She has pretty brown eyes and curly black hair adding to her beauty. Being a celebrity kid, Michaiah Hanks has been kept away from social media and the limelight by her parents. However, they did announce her birth on Instagram.

Being just six years old, Michaiah Hanks has embarked on a journey that most children her age could only dream of. With her enchanting charm and inherited beauty from her mother, Tiffany Miles, Michaiah possesses a magnetic presence that draws people in. Her captivating aura and the anticipation of carrying on her family’s legacy have undoubtedly contributed to her growing fan following. Everyone is curious to know more about this young celebrity who is destined to carve her own path in the world of entertainment.

What do we know about Michaiah Hank’s parents?

Michaiah Hanks is the daughter of Chester and Tiffany Hanks. Her father Chester, is an American actor and Musician who was born in 1990. He has three siblings and he is the third son of famous personalities, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson. Unlike his parents who are quite popular while Chester is a very private, shy, and conservative person. He was part of a facility for troubled kids after which he became a part of a Therapeutic School in Utah, United States.

His first debut movie role was for Dexter after the completion of his acting school at Northwestern University. He did the ‘Brats’ movie in 2007. After this movie, he had opportunities lined up for him. He also made an appearance in the movie “Shameless” as Charles in 2018. He has also been a part of a hip-hop drama series because of his talent in music. Chester appeared on the screen with his father in 2020, in “World War 2”. He has also been a part of a number of music albums throughout his life.

How is the bond between her parents?

Michaiah Hanks, the adorable celebrity kid, is blessed to have Chester and Tiffany Hanks as her parents. However, fans have been left curious and perplexed by the recent absence of information about her mother, Tiffany. What could be the reason behind this mystery?

In a shocking revelation, it came to light that Chester and Tiffany Hanks were actually strangers before the arrival of Michaiah. The public was taken aback when Chester candidly discussed their relationship during an interview, revealing that their bond lacks romantic love. This unexpected revelation has left many wondering about the dynamics between the parents of this beloved celebrity child.

Despite the unconventional circumstances surrounding their relationship, Chester and Tiffany share a deep and unwavering love for their daughter, Michaiah Hanks. They have made a steadfast commitment to co-parenting and are determined to provide the best upbringing for their precious child. Despite any tension that may exist between them, their shared devotion to Michaiah serves as a guiding force in their lives.

Relationship between Michaiah Hanks and Her Father Chet Hanks

In the world of celebrity parenting, one heartwarming story stands out—the unbreakable bond between Michaiah Hanks, the adorable 5-year-old daughter of a low-key rap sensation, and her father. Despite the scarcity of glimpses on social media, the moments they do share speak volumes about their incredible relationship.

Michaiah’s parents, while not romantically involved, share custody, displaying unwavering love for their daughter. Their parenting journey may have its complexities, but their shared commitment to co-parenting is evident. It is through this dedication that they prioritize Michaiah’s well-being and happiness.

For her father, becoming a parent brought about profound change and responsibility. Having struggled with drug addiction in the past, he credits his daughter for his journey to sobriety. In a candid interview, he revealed that without her, he might have faced the grim fate of either being incarcerated or losing his life. Now sober for over three years, he hopes that his story will inspire others facing similar struggles.

The rap sensation cherishes the profound impact Michaiah has had on his life. He plans to share with her, when she is older, the pivotal role she played in his transformation. Despite limited financial support, he is determined to be the best father he can be, nurturing and providing for his beloved daughter.

All these said we can safely say that Michaiah Hanks is blessed with a super dad. And, Chet Hanks doesn’t shy away from showing this father-daughter moment on his Instagram occasionally.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1) Who is Michaiah Hanks?

She is an American Celebrity kid who is continuing the legacy of her family. She is the granddaughter of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson.

Q2 How old is Michaiah Hanks?

Born in 2016, she is 6 years old presently.

Q3) Who are Michaiah Hanks’ parents?

Michaiah Hanks’ parents are Chester and Tiffany Hanks.

Q4) What is the ethnicity of Michaiah’s parents?

Chester Hanks, Michaiah’s father, has Bulgarian, Greek, and English ethnicity, while her mother, Tiffany Hanks, is Afro-Asian.

Q5) Does Michaiah Hanks have siblings?

There is no information available about whether she has any siblings.

Q6) Are there any pictures of her on social media?

Her parents have kept her away from social media and the limelight, so there are limited pictures of her available to the public.

Q7) How is her relationship with her parents?

Despite the complicated circumstances surrounding their relationship, Chester and Tiffany Hanks love Michaiah equally and are putting in their best efforts to raise her together.

Q8) Has Michaiah Hanks been featured in the media?

Due to her young age and her parent’s decision to keep her away from the public eye, Michaiah Hanks has not been featured extensively in the media. However, the parents occasionally post pictures and videos of her.

Q9) Does Michaiah Hanks have a significant fan following?

Being born into the famous Hanks family, Michaiah has gained a considerable fan following despite her young age. However, due to limited public exposure, her fanbase may be more restrained compared to other celebrity children.

Q10) How has fatherhood transformed Chester Hanks?

Becoming a father has been a catalyst for change in Chester Hanks’ life. It has motivated him to overcome his past struggles with drug addiction and lead a sober life. He has expressed his gratitude to his daughter for saving him from a potentially tragic fate.


Being a six-year-old kid, not much information is available about Michaiah Hanks. However, in this article, we have tried to piece together and present to our readers all the bare minimum information available about the American celebrity kid Michaiah Hanks. Any further information received will be updated soon.

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