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Which Valuable Parts Can Be Removed While Scrapping Your Car?

If you make your mind scrap your car, this information will surprise you, so the money you will get back by scrapping your car will make you astonished at how much the scrapyards are earning—scrapping a vehicle for cash. You can earn a good amount of money by dumping.  

This information that we will discuss in this article is necessary as the other input of how the local Scrap yards near me provide the services to Scrap your car for the best price.

At first, to get more cash on your car and to sell it at reasonable rates, you need to gather all knowledge about the other parts that are sold separately, so in this way you are going to earn money after selling those parts.

So, let’s begin with the information on parts that you can sell to earn high rates.

GPS System

Inbuilt GPS Systems has its demand, and it is sold at reasonable rates. You can say this it is pretty easy to install and easy to remove. Also, it is worth selling, then that will save you 100 dollars.


The car bumpers are manufactured out of plastic, fiberglass, and aluminum, steel. The bumper is expensive when it is sold. However, it is used to save severe damage to cars through accidents.


Car batteries are pretty easy to sell but aren’t that valuable. Batteries are also environmentally hazardous if not recycled. Worth over $20 in the junk with the help of Epsom salt and distilled water, you can add a few more years to battery life.

Doors, Windows, Mirrors, and Electrical Parts

The doors, windows, mirrors, and electrical parts are worth the price, primarily undamaged and replaced parts. People preferred to buy second-hand doors and electrical components.

Catalytic Converters

It is an expensive part of the car and used to emit the heat or air population accrued by the car

Tires and Rims

Tires and rims are an essential part of the cars, and it is good if it’s in reasonable condition. So, it is sold at good rates too. If it is in a top-notch condition, it may sell up to $1000 per wheel.

Wiper Arms

Wiper’s cleaner of the car is used to maintain better visibility although it is not much expensive but more valuable than the battery at saves up to 100$ if sold.


Airbags are crucial and valuable in the car but if it is not used. People who got an accident can easily replace these airbags in their vehicles so that they can save up to $200-$300 on a second-hand airbag. It can easily install in any other car.

Engine Oil and Filters

Engine oil and filters are less expensive by they can be recycled and reallocated into another car. These are not used for scrap yard owners.

Final words

Most of the time, people have no idea how much they can save if they scrap their car by separating non-metallic parts and refixed in their new vehicle.

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