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Which Paint Colours Help Your House Sell for More?

Paint Colours for house

Selling your house at a higher price requires thorough preparation. You can start by having all the significant issues inside and outside the house fixed. It is best if you will let the experts handle the needed repairs. For example, you can hire the service of professional bathroom renovators to fix the issues in the bathroom. You can also do the same for the other parts of the house. 

Aside from that, you can also boost the home’s selling value and earn more by painting it. Painting a house’s exterior and interior areas provides it with a refreshed and updated look. The property becomes more attractive to the eyes of the buyers, so you can raise its selling price by a thousand dollars or more.

Although painting your house can boost its selling value, this should be done using a particular set of colours. 

Paint Colours that Help Boost Your Home’s Selling Value

The following are the colours that you can use to help boost your home’s selling value.


White is probably the only colour that will not decrease the value of your home. Instead, this could help boost its selling price and allow you to earn more. White does this by making the house look brighter and more inviting. Also, it makes the spaces feel and look bigger.

Many interior designers also recommend the use of white paint in kitchens. They consider the colour a crowd-pleaser as it makes the painted surfaces look clean. Most real estate agents also recommend that the houses offered for sale be painted with neutral colours, especially warm white. They make the homes more marketable at higher prices to most buyers, particularly the masses. 

Light Blue

Light blue seems to be the most preferred colour for bathrooms and bedrooms. This is because these are places frequented by homeowners to feel relaxed, and light blue is known for providing the bathroom or bedroom with a comforting and cozy feel. Colouring fosters the said feeling, so painting these areas with light blue could boost the home’s selling value. 


Painting your kitchen, bedrooms and living room with cream is also regarded as an excellent technique to improve the selling value of your property. Given that cream is a neutral colour, it can help freshen up the house’s look, and this condition usually appeals to most buyers. Additionally, cream is considered an ideal colour for painting a home’s interiors because it gives the area a very inviting feel.


Greige is the combination of two neutral colours, namely, grey and beige. It is among the most widely used colours in painting bedrooms, living rooms and exteriors of houses. Greige is also regarded as the number one alternative to white and credited for helping the selling value of houses go up.

Many professional real estate investors strongly recommend using greige on houses for sale because this brings a feeling of sophistication and elegance. Also, the colour provides the home with an elevated and warm look, a feature that usually boosts the selling price by a few thousand dollars.

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Paint Colours that Could Reduce Your Home’s Selling Value

There are also paint colours that could reduce your home’s selling price, so make sure to avoid them.


Black is typically associated with elegance and admired for the dramatic statement it provides. However, you need to avoid using this when painting your home’s exterior. This is because doing such creates a foreboding instead of a welcoming feel. Thus, a black exterior could drive house buyers away.


Although green is regarded as a relaxing colour, you should avoid using this to paint the house’s exterior that you are selling. Green provides a receding feeling that prevents prospective buyers from noticing, much more from admiring the property for sale.  

Bright Yellow

Painting the exterior of the house that you are planning to sell with bright yellow is a big no-no. This colour can be overwhelming and shun potential buyers from coming in to have a look of the house. However, going for the toned-down version of the colour, such as ocher or pale straw, could reverse the bright version’s negative effect.


Just like bright yellow, painting your home’s exterior and kitchen red is something that must be avoided. Red typically looks irritating to most people, including your potential buyers. Due to this, using red is expected to reduce the selling value of your home by about a few thousand dollars. 

Warm Beige

Warm can make the painted surface or the entire kitchen look too warm and outdated, and your prospective buyers might not like this.

Considering the value that painting the house you are planning to sell could provide, it is best if you will consult and seek advice from experts. By doing this, you will have the assurance that what you are doing is correct. As a result, you’ll have all the opportunities to sell your property at a higher price.

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