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Which CBD Oil Strength Is Best for Beginners?

CBD Oil Strength

Selecting the right CBD oil can be tricky. You need to measure its potency. The current market is overflowing with so many oils, and it is hard to pick one. Whatever the case, you only need the correct one to match your dosage. In that case, its potency or strength is the deciding factor. But how do you measure CBD oil strength? Don’t worry, that’s exactly what we are going to talk about.

Moreover, we will discuss which CBD oil strength is best for beginners. Because it is a bit hard for them to sort out all these products and their complex measurements, let’s start the discussion right away.

How To Calculate the Strength of CBD Oil

Before going into the calculation part, let’s have a little overview of what it means to CBD oil strength. We use both strength and potency terms. They are similar. It means the amount of CBD you have in a product. If it is oil, the amount of CBD you get compares to the bottle size. Then all you have to do is divide the CBD amount by its bottle size. In simple terms, we count how mg CBD is there per ml (for CBD oil).

CBD potency (for cbd oil) = CBD amount (mg) / Container size (ml)

Body Size Matters for CBD Oil Potency

We have mentioned what potency means. As we are talking about CBD oil, we have to measure the CBD oil strength by comparing its bottle. As an example, a 30ml CBD oil bottle contains 300mg cbd. Following the formula, it is 10mg/ml. If the same bottle contains 150mg CBD, then the potency would become half (5mg/ml). If it contains 600 mg, then the potency becomes double(20mg/ml).

So, you can see that the bottle size is directly related to the potency. For the same 300mg CBD, if the bottle is 15ml, then the potency becomes doubled(20mg/ml). So, it is a relative comparison between the bottle size and the amount of CBD it contains.

Potency Options

Usually, there are 3 common potencies like 300mg, 600mg, and 1000mg. Although, some extended potencies like 2000mg and 4000mg are available as well. As we said, potency is related to the bottle size. So, you will get different bottle sizes as well. For now, 15ml, 30ml, 60ml, and similar bottle sizes are available.

CBD Results Can Take Time

Now, this is something you need to understand. Getting the highest potency will not give you the fastest result. It is a common imagination that taking more CBD will treat you faster. In reality, however, this is not the case. It takes time to work through your body. Besides, a particular body needs a distinct dosage for the best result. Even that comes with a certain period of regular consumption. So, make sure to have patience while using CBD.  

CBD Oil Strength: Which Is Best for Beginners?

Now, we have started the discussion with a few questions. How to measure CBD oil strength, and which one is best for beginners? Here, you will get the answer. We just mentioned the way you can decide the potency using bottle size and CBD amount. Let’s see what we call low potency and what we consider high potency in a general sense. If you have any confusion, then check out the potency calculation section to get the formula. Check out the given potency detail to determine the difference in CBD oil strength.     

Low Potency CBD Oil

Usually, we refer to this potency as a percentage as well. So, potency under 10% (10mg/ml) is considered low potency. We know that CBD affects our brain function to give us mental relief. In fact, some people are pretty sensitive to its effects. As a result, they cant tolerate high dosages. It happens pretty often for beginner users. So, low potency is the best CBD oil strength for beginners. It has low effects but also low side effects.

Medium Potency CBD Oil

If the percentage stays between 15% to 30%, then it is a medium potency (15-30mg/ml). If you are comfortable using CBD, then medium-potency oils might be a good option. It gives a bit deeper effect compared to low potency. 

High Potency CBD Oil

If the percentage stays between 30%-60% (30-60mg/ml), then it is a high potency CBD oil. High potency works better against deeper anxiety or depression. It also works against epilepsy and several high-level issues. 

Ultra-High Potency CBD Oil

Anything that goes higher than 60% (60mg/ml+) is considered ultra-high potency. These are the highest potencies you can get in the market. Although, they are not available to use randomly. You need a prescription and proper guidance to use them. You are only allowed if the symptoms are severe. 

How to Use CBD Oil

One important thing you need to know is how to use CBD oil? I mean, we are talking about using these oils considering the potency. But, how do you consume it? Usually, people take them counting drops. You can directly consume them. While taking drops, you need to know how much you are allowed to take. It depends on your condition. Only an expert can suggest to you that.

If you want to do the math personally, follow us here. First, you need to count how much oil is there in a single drop. Then, you can count the CBD amount using the potency rate. As an example, assume that you need to take 10mg CBD, and a single oil drop contains 0.5mg. Then, you need to take 20 drops of CBD oil to reach 10mg consumption. That’s how you manage the correct CBD dosage. In most cases, it is your condition that determines the dosage.

Safety and Risks of CBD Oil

Since CBD that comes from hemp is legal at federal levels, many people are using CBD for their problems. And the benefits of CBD are pretty favorable. But, it does have a few side effects. In general, you can expect minor dizziness, dehydration, appetite change and similar issues. For higher potencies, you can face several pains, stomach aches, digestive problems, insomnia, and similar side effects.

To manage these side effects of CBD, you need to be prepared. Taking enough water and proper sleep are the basic solutions. In addition, you have to be in an active mood. Do regular workouts and eat nutrition-rich foods. Eventually, you will not be bothered by them. If you still face symptoms, then make sure to visit your doctor.

What CBD Oil Should You Buy?

As you can see, we wanted to figure out the correct CBD oil strength measurement. In our previous sections, we did. So, now the question is, which one is the best to pick? Of course, it depends on the user. If you are a beginner, low potency CBD oils are the best choice. They come with the lowest side effects. So, you can easily try them. If you are used to these items, then medium potency would be a better suit.

But, if you have a severe issue, then the higher potencies are the available solutions. People with chronic pain, deep anxiety, PTSD, and sleep issues can use them. Besides, if you have any extreme mental difficulties, use higher potency cbd oils from reputed sources to fight them in the long term.

Final Thoughts

You have to measure the correct CBD oil strength for your body before getting any CBD oil item. Because choosing the right CBD Oil strength is essential for picking the most suitable item. Regarding that, we have discussed the necessary mathematical calculation. In addition, we also mentioned how you could explore the market knowing CBD oil potency. In the end, we discussed the potency classification and possible risks with them. But don’t worry, we mentioned the safety measures you need to deal with them. So, make sure you properly read this, and it will guide you to get any CBD oil or similar items in the near future.

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